Warmer in the night as I needed only a sheet and no blanket. I was in bed and asleep quite early after all the excitement of going to eat out at Anydri. The Early Walk was, in many ways, rewarding. But then again, I know how aspirations can be dashed. No fleece was required as it was warmer than the previous couple of days. The moon was interrupted by the odd cloud but we were will able to see just fine. We’re almost half-way through the current moon phase as it will be at an end when Ursula, Tony and Heidi arrive. The sea/sand lilies started to bloom in the middle of August but are now becoming more numerous. I don’t think they enjoy the very hot weather. The tracks of Kostas’ Jeep are nearly invisible as he has not been out collecting salt for some while. Others are still collecting but not on an industrial scale.

IZO was busting with energy which affected Skinny and Oskar so I had to get a bit firm. Eventually, I let him go convinced that I wouldn’t see him again until I was back at the camping. Contrary to expectations, he managed to make it back to the collection point just as we were about to leave. I hooked him up with the others and ‘off we jolly well’, as someone used to say.

Skinny and I want for our jog and then I wallowed around in the sea for ten minutes. It was past nine by the time I returned, fed the cats – again, let Charlie out and watered the plants. I made tea and breakfast whilst releasing Luis and Oskar to the decking and the others into the main compound. Charlie later required confining to the SDC where IZO also turned out to be. IZO’s been out all day and has been fed on the decking with the others again. Despite being a pain in the bottom for all concerned, he seems to be getting on ok and even enjoying a bit of playful fighting with Skinny and Oskar. I still wouldn’t rule out an ‘event’ if the circumstances presented themselves. Interestingly, a guy was walking a German Shephard as we went out this evening but there was no significant interest from my lot.

The day was warm and sunny although quite windy at one point when it blew up all of a sudden. The top temperature is 30.8℃ with a low of 21.9℃. The evenings and mornings are feeling cooler which is not necessarily a bad thing. I think we can accept that we are heading towards autumn and there will be no more very hot days this year.

I received another email from Eliza requesting travel information from Chania Airport to Paleochora as she said she’d forgotten what I’d written in a previous email. It would seem she either deletes her mails once she’d read them or doesn’t know how to find the ones she’s already read. I simplified the procedure by giving her the actual bus times and the fares. I even offered to collect her from Paleochora but she prefered to work it out for herself. I pointed her in the direction of the taxi company. She will be arriving on Monday evening around 18:00 if her plane arrives on time and she manages to find the right bus from the airport and from Chania. I’m sure she’ll manage fine.

There is silence all around as most of the dogs are sleeping after their meal. My medium brown beans from Petrakis have just finished cooking in the Instant Pot so I’m going to rinse then and put them together with some salad and whathaveyou.


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