Climate strike – 20 September 2019

Sascha, Steffi and Zora left at an ungodly hour to catch the plane back to Berlin. They have arrived safely and even lit a fire. I expect they’re already missing the warmth of Crete.

We were out at the usual time however the first circuit was cautious since there was a car parked near the entrance of the Promontory as we arrived. As it turned out, it had left before we did and no FreeLoaders were found littering the beaches or elsewhere. I let IZO go off at the same time as Skinny. Skinny returned at the end of the walk like a good boy but we needed to recover IZO from the camping on our way out to jog. I picked him up, took him back to his run and locked him in. We ran as normal and I came back for a splash in the sea for a few minutes. There was only a slight swell today although I suspect that situation will change tomorrow and the next day as the forecast is windy.

The morning warmed up as I watered the plants and prepared my breakfast. Later, I received a couple of support calls from Inter Sport. One from Sue concerning her new PC which we started to set up between us, the other from Richard Turner regarding an electricity surge which affected the network. Everything quickly went back to normal but it needs looking into.

This afternoon, I’ve been building a wooden frame to keep all of the battery bank control apparatus in position. Each of the sixteen cells has one balancer to keep the voltage in line with all the other cells. The idea being that no cell is overcharged or over-discharged. Each balancer has a red and black wire as well as other wires to join it to the next one. This has the potential for a wiring nightmare hence I’ve made the frame so that I can screw each balancer in position and pass the wires over or under the frame to separate and keep them tidy. Whether I achieve this or not remains to be seen. The frame was constructed from a piece of roof batten which I acquired from the storeroom.

Otherwise, it’s been a quiet day and Janne & Erica have been out for most of the afternoon. I’ve cleared up the sawdust and other rubbish from the floor and the dogs are sleeping ready for the Evening Amble later.

Many parts of the world have had strikes and demonstrations by vast numbers of young and not-so-young people to bring attention to the Climate Crisis and Global Heating. For once, I’m going to follow the American example not referring to ‘Global Warming’ but ‘Global Heating’. I agree that ‘warming’ is too benign when describing the current Global Heating Crisis. Not all countries will have their main events today as Italy and New Zealand will postpone theirs until next Friday for want of time to set them up due to school term dates. I notice Climate Change Denier, Piers Corbyn was leading a small counter-demonstration while his brother, Jeremy, was addressing a crowd from an open-top double-decker bus and calling for a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’.

A while ago, I watched a documentary on YouTube about Camp Century and Project IceWorm. These were at the early stages of the Cold War Period where America was setting up strike positions against Russia. Camp Century was constructed under the Greenland ice and even included its own nuclear reactor. As the Cold War drew to a close, these installations were no longer required so abandoned and just left to be covered and buried in the snow. Now that the ice is melting, the nature of the problem has come back to haunt the Greenlanders. Everything abandoned is now visible including mountains of previously full forty-gallon drums containing diesel and around 20,000 litres of chemical waste which have rusted away leeching their content into the ground poisoning it and the water table beneath. Added to that, there are twenty-four MILLION litres of untreated sewage! Other rubbish includes rusting trucks, decaying buildings and anything too costly to remove at the time. I understand that neither Denmark nor the US has agreed to set aside funds to deal with a massive cleanup operation. I’m sure the US was very keen to move in and set up these various projects however I suspect they’ll be less keen to have to deal with the aftermath.

Time for the Evening Amble.


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