Windy again

It was definitely windy and a little cool for the Early Walk. I removed myself reluctantly from my bed. Skinny was waiting for me as eager as ever. He and IZO are the first to be marshalled, I then collect the others and Charlie, who still prefers his own company in the house outside. I’m sure that will change as it gets cooler at night. The wind and cooler temperature required a fleece which I was glad to have gone back into the van for. It was slightly less windy on the Promontory due to the trees and Junipers.

We all walked the first circuit and then I dropped off Oskar and Obi as Oskar kept stopping and didn’t appear to have the will for lots of walking. In the end, I forgot how many laps we did but it amounted to 8km by the time we were back. Everyone returned to the collection point at the end of the walk except for IZO who’d disappeared. I had to wander around the camping a couple of times and he eventually found me. He had a red collar when he left me earlier but that had fallen off at some point. He was tugging quite a bit this morning so it may have worked loose. He has a nice new black collar now.

I was quite tired after all the walking and it was too windy and the sea too rough for swimming so I made tea and got my breakfast on the go. I had quite a bit of IT work to catch up with so got on with that. Much of my day has been taken up with configuring a new PC at Inter Sport and email addresses at EG. I may have lapsed into standby at some point too.

The afternoon trickled by and the dogs started to bother me about going for the Evening Walk earlier than usual. I was surprised at how many cars were parked on the beach and in the car park. It’s not really my idea of a warm beach day due to the wind. The dogs enjoyed their wander and have now been fed. There is no SunBlocker up to the south due to the wind although, so far, it hasn’t been that strong. Sitting here in shorts, a polo shirt and a fleece, I don’t feel too warm so may abandon the outside for an evening within.

Cooler with wind. More is forecast for tonight and tomorrow although next weeks is looking quite calm.

Skinny is playing vigorously with Oskar who is a captive as is Luis who cannot resist barking at the cats. He is so easily excited and has such a loud and annoying bark.

My supper is cooked and I’m going inside as it’s too cool out here!


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