Happy Equinox!

The Equinox – Equal Night, is the day when day and night are approximately equal. The actual Equinox falls between 22/23 September and it’s not really that equal anyway. It supposedly marks the beginning of autumn.

Georgia’s dogs were particularly noisy last night so I shared that information with Maria. The first time was at 22:15, the second at 04:15. I wouldn’t wish for her to miss out on these events and I’m sure the customers were well aware of the racket or deaf or dead. I don’t know if it was because of the wind or just the phase of the moon.

It was blustery and chilly at 05:25 so it took just a couple of minutes for me to arise from my bed. There was a red car in the Grammeno Beach car park but I didn’t believe there would actually be a FreeLoader on the Promontory. I was very quickly proved incorrect when Skinny IZO and I started the first circuit and stumbled upon a sleeping figure complete with dog. There was a certain amount of doggy vocal interaction however we passed both quickly and gracefully. The red car was still present as we left to go back to the camping about 07:45.

The remaining circuits followed a different route to avoid the sleeping FreeLoader and dog. Skinny and IZO were parked up after three circuits and then it was the turn of Fido, Obi and Charlie. All on the lead due to the FreeLoading Dog. We completed two more circuits and they were then swapped for Luis and Oskar who showed signs of fatigue from the outset. I tried to complete another two circuits with them. The first was a story of eagerness which quickly degenerated to gradual indifference and then periodic stops. At which point I tied them to a nearby bush, completed the circuit alone and got the others. We returned to the camping, some went inside and others were allowed to remain outside – Obi, IZO and Skinny to be precise. Charlie went into his house like a good boy.

I had quite a bit of work to do so got on with it while my breakfast prepared itself in the Instant Pot. My plan was to progress the Inter Sport Mail Server project and install Sue’s new computer. I also had some emails to reply to from Barbara Craven who is working on the replacement EG websites. I’ve made progress on the mail server so have moved that on considerably. The computer installation has also progressed but I need some software in order to finish it off.

It is still rather windy although the day has been reasonably warm with a high of 27.2℃ which is chillier than of late. It was not so warm during the night with a low of 20.2℃ which appeared cooler due to the strong wind. I was certainly not over-warm as I set off over the field early this morning so I zipped up the collar on my light fleece. There is talk of thundery showers on Tuesday evening accompanied by 2.4mm rain!!!

Feeding time at the zoo – the ‘kittens’ + 1 are getting bigger. Their mother eats upstairs in the Executive Diningroom. They are having their breakfast from Boris’ old bowl in the storeroom which now has a wonderful supply of dry palm leaves as well as some hay. It’s a cat’s life!

The dogs have been well-behaved for most of the day. We had to have words when the cats began to parade along the fence which caused a bit of a doggy stir. Erica returned from their outing to find the four kittens had taken up residence on their decking. One on each chair and the other on the table. At present, the cats can do no wrong and are living in clover. One of them is more friendly than the others and spends much more time with Erica. The female is particularly timid so quickly runs away. I’ve given them some food so we should get a little peace for a while. Hopefully, they will finish the food and not let it be gobbled up by any of the various hangers-on of which there is no shortage.

This evening’s culinary masterpiece is something from the freezer which has been lurking there for a while. I need to do some shopping either tomorrow or Tuesday and must consider a change of menu now that the weather is cooler. Salad is all I really want when it hot but we’re getting to the point where something more substantial is required. I will soon start batch-cooking now there are fewer punters on the camping and the freezer is in less demand. It is mostly packed with freezer blocks which I’m sure are vestiges of the Silly Season. I notice that someone was cleared out the fridges and has transferred everything to the smaller ones. The large fridges have been emptied, cleaned and turned off for the winter. Hopefully, we’ll soon be in a position to consolidate everything into the fridge with the freezer section so that everything else can be cleaned and turned off.

The Evening Amble complete, dogs fed and beaches deserted. Not a single vehicle along Alonáki Beach and not a soul. A couple of cars came down from Grammeno Beach car park as we headed back to the camping. The sunbeds have been taken up from Alonáki Beach and those on Grammeno Beach belonging to Ammos Beach Bar were looking rather bedraggled this morning following the high winds. Autumn approaches…

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