Stoned again

It was much warmer in the night as no blankets were required. The forecast storms or rain didn’t materialise although there were plenty of power outages and distant lightning flashes in the night sky. I’m not exactly certain how many power outages there were as all my light are battery or solar so I only know if the power’s off by looking at the street lights or over to Paleochora. If I see a large expanse of darkness I usually conclude there is either no electricity or I’m asleep.

It was warm and still as we set off and I didn’t even bother to put on a fleece especially as I’d only been sleeping half under a sheet. The moon is beginning to fade; something to do with the time of the month. We completed our three circuits except for Oskar who was overcome by fatigue so sat out the last at the end of the Promontory. He didn’t seem at all bothered. We all arrived as one back to where Oskar was waiting so they were all off the lead bar Obi. We went over the rocks and generally enjoyed the morning air. Back at the collection point it was all a little slow. IZO was there but not Skinny, Luis and Fido too. Charlie was dealing with some bread or something he’d found but eventually turned up. IZO is incapable of learning from his mistakes and is constantly pestering the others. He was warned by Charlie but persisted which sparked general retribution. I quickly unhitched IZO so he could take to his heels which he did. We’ve not seen him since. Skinny appeared at the gate to the field as I was getting ready to run. We set off together as usual.

The sea was still fairly rough so I didn’t linger long as I was on my own and the waves were strong. I was probably in the water ten minutes but there was hardly any actual swimming as it was a constant battle against the waves.

Breakfast and then some gentle news-reading in between answering a couple of emails. I went next door to ask Janne to cut some wood for me as he has all the gear. He cut me a couple of shelves and a piece of board. I’ve spent time screwing it all together and working out how all the pieces will fit together. Antonis will want his ladder back before long so I need to get the box on the wall and bring down the equipment. It’s not easy to access it from the inside of the storeroom.

Janne and Erica have received the last of their big bags of stones so have been finishing off the area in front of their van. I does look very nice however I hope the stones don’t walk away. They have been well stoned!

The weather has been warm and sunny and a good temperature for getting on with things. The high is 30℃ and nothing like as sticky as last night when the storm was threatening.

A good temperature for getting on with things

The Evening Amble was up the fields and back. I contemplated the Promontory but there were lots of cars so I decided it just wasn’t worth the effort as there was likely to be people wanding about anyway. The dogs didn’t appear that bothered either. They’ve had their food so there is general quiet all around.

You may be pleased to learn that Matthew is about to exchange contracts on his house in the next couple of days so may become homeless in a few weeks unless he can complete on his new house at 160 High Street, just down from St Michael’s Church.

The insects are nibbling at me and the Instant Pot is hissing away. I think I should give the sealing ring a bit of a clean.

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