Seriously lazy Sunday

Ursula and Heidi joined us at the end of the Promontory as we completed the second circuit. Together with Oskar, who was tired out, they went for a less energetic walk as we embarked on the third round of our trek. We finally released all of the dogs and I went over the rocks with them. Everyone remembered to come back at the end and Fido and Obi accompanied Heidi and Ursula whilst I took Skinny, Oskar, Charlie and Luis back looking for any stray poo which required burial. We encountered a small group of fisherpersons equipped with tackle and big vats of coffee. Hopefully, we won’t discover discarded cups tomorrow morning.

Ursula went to make coffee for Tony while Skinny and I ran and dropped in at the bakery for a chocolate croissant. We headed back to the camping where I left Skinny, changed into my swimming trunks and went down to deliver the pastry on the way to the sea. Ursula was teetering at the water’s edge as I arrived. She went racing off towards Houmas while I paddled up towards the Promontory. She was still swimming long after I’d got out.

I made breakfast and sat down while it cooked to read the newspapers. I seem to have fallen asleep for a while after eating it. Something to do with the walking, running, swimming, food and sun I suppose.

Janne and I spent a happy hour or so getting his printer/scanner to talk nicely to his laptop. He was keen to scan in some receipts so that he could invoice his client. Erica plied me with melon and peach to keep me going and we discussed the current status of their cat with the poorly leg. The other two boys had also invited themselves inside and all was going well until hop-a-long decided to climb onto the table and help with the laptop. I understand Janne and Erica now share their beds with cats!

I went back to play with my toys and to shut Luis up who was making a din. I wanted to progress my solar project switch box as it was a little late in the day to play with my batteries as I needed a little lunch too. Later, Ursula sent a text to ask if I’d care to join her and Tony for tea and carrot cake. The cake we very yummy indeed and I needed a second piece just to be certain. Anne was checking in to Libyan Princess and we agreed to meet up at Houmas restaurant for a meal.

I went back to walk the dogs and feed them before getting ready to go out. I walked down to Houmas once I’d changed and we were soon joined by Anne who’d driven over from Paleochora. No sooner had we sat down than we were joined by Peter who’d made his own way from the camping. We had a very pleasant meal and were entertained by a certain Small Black Dog who was begging food from the adjacent table. As expected, he is quite capable of looking after himself.

Peter and I walked Heidi back to the camping and we talked about arrangements for a trip to To Skoleio later in the week once I can arrange for the various cats and Obi to get to the vet. Anne went back to Libyan Princess and should hopefully meet up with Adonis at the reception desk as he should be on duty by the time she gets back.

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