So still

I was surprised when my alarm woke me as I was convinced I hadn’t gone back to sleep having been woken on some pretext at 04:50. It was below 18℃ so I even reached for a blanket to put over my sheet. It was noticeably cooler when we went for the walk so our pace was brisker than recently. Oskar ran out of steam after one lap so he was rescued from his rock when Ursula and Heidi arrived a little later. I left Obi and Fido too and took Skinny with Charlie as self-appointed outriders for the final lap. Skinny was released and they all played nicely together before crossing the rocks and then back to the camping. I felt a certain coolness as we crossed the field back into the camping. A coolness that made sure I knew that summer was over.

Other than a brief support call from Inter Sport and an email or two to Stavros to arrange veterinary treatment for various cats and Obi on Wednesday, I’d promised to look over a review written for British camping website by a Dutch friend. He admits his English is not perfect. Neither is mine but probably a little better than his.

And then the morning drifted by before dissolving into lunchtime. The afternoon was a little unproductive but included a shower and some in-depth study of the papers. And then it was time for tea with Tony, Anne and Ursula. Eliza drifted by towards the end at which point I left as Luis had become quite noisy despite being confined to what was his original house in the former IZO/Boris run.

Tea and cake went down very well. Ursula took Heidi for a short walk onto the Promontory and Eliza and I took the others, for a longer wander to the end. We met a pleasant German lady and later we bumped into a couple who were taking photos at the end of the Promontory. The dogs didn’t get a free run after all.

And that about sums it up! I have beans in the Instant Pot. Ursula, Tony and Anne are eating at the camping restaurant and eight of us will be dining at Anydri tomorrow afternoon. A works outing!

The mosquitoes are having a great time as there is absolutely no air. I’m burning an incense stick to try to confuse them. I’d better check out those beans!


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