Anydri again!

Awoken by the alarm again, despite an early night, I ‘jumped’ out of bed and we were out on the Promontory by 05:45. The walk was very pleasant with the wonderful pink dawn light percolating up from below the eastern horizon. Ursula said she didn’t even see nor hear Oskar who was tied to a rock on the sandy section at the end of the Promontory. I completed one more lap before leading the charge over the rocks to the normal meeting-up place. Most of the dogs managed to arrive however some were a little later than others. There must have some very important event which distracted them from coming back for biscuits. Certainly Oskar, Luis and Skinny were there. Charlie appeared just as we were leaving to walk back as did Fido. Obi was to be found in the Grammeno Beach car park.

Skinny and I jogged round to the bakery to purchase a Bougatsa for Tony’s breakfast. We’d already bumped into IZO by the roadside. He was pleased to see us and later appeared in the camping and on the beach. It’s an ideal time at present as there are just enough tourists and just enough restaurants open. Come the end of the month, things will change. We met Eliza on our way back to the camping. She was heading to the supermarket so I suggested she might like to take Skinny for a little extra exercise. He can never really get enough.

I changed and went for a swim before starting to clean up the cat boxes for tomorrow’s excursion to Stavros in Maleme. I left the boxes to dry in the morning sun before relocating them to the storeroom with a comfortable blanket and some food inside. This should encourage the cats to get used to the boxes and go inside so that tomorrow I can close the door trapping as many cats inside as possible. That’s the plan anyway…

Ursula, Tony and Heidi came up to visit so that Ursula could cut my hair. As usual, she did a very good job and now even Tony has a wonderfully trimmed beard – under duress he may add.

Eliza was my next appointment as she wanted to have a Greek keyboard on her iPad so that she can practice her writing. I updated the device’s software to the latest version and installed the Greek keyboard. We then spent a little time covering some basic IOS navigation tasks. I have a feeling Eliza was quite pleased to go and relax before we went out to Anydri.

The party consisted of eight, which fitted into two cars nicely with Heidi in the middle position on the back seat. Eliza and Peter accompanied Janne and Erica. Tony and I sandwiched Heidi on the back seat with Anne, collected from Libyan Princess, next to Ursula in the front. The restaurant was surprisingly quite busy and it was a while before we ordered. There was some technical problem with the orders so our meals were delayed somewhat. Apparently, the order was stuck in the system and didn’t make it as far as the kitchen. The restaurant very kindly provided all the drinks for free. Had I have known, I might have taken advantage and drunk even more water!

It was getting late as we left and both Ursula and I wanted to pop into Petrakis for some supplies. It was even later when we arrived back at the camping. The dogs had been left for quite a long time and it was past their suppertime. I decided to compensate them with another Promontory walk seeing as they will be deserted once more from 09:00 tomorrow – assuming I’m successful in catching some cats. I’d like to catch the young female and even all three boys would be a bonus. Two of the boys shouldn’t be a problem, the other boy’s a little wary as it the girl. The mother will have to wait for another day as we don’t have sufficient boxes since she would have to be on her own. That’s the plan anyway. Maybe my blog will recount another story tomorrow evening.

There was a lot of excitement during our walk but fortunately, all the dogs came back eventually. They’d been running as all were panting hard. An additional bonus. It’s just so quiet here now!

The bugs are biting so I think it’s time to call it a day and to pack the dogs off to bed.

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