A trip to Maleme to visit Stavros

I wanted to get ahead of the day so got up at 05:15 so I’d have the time to catch the cats and have some breakfast. We managed four circuits of the Promontory and then Ursula and Heidi arrived. I took the others over the rocks and then went back to the camping. I put the dogs inside then went to check which cats were present. Luckily, three of the kittens were there so I tried to tempt them into the houses with some food. The two boys went into one house and I gently put the girl into the other. I went for my run with Skinny, then into the sea followed by a shower and some breakfast I’d put on before the run. I just had time to eat it. Ursula arrived so we packed the cats into her car together with Obi. Eliza arrived as she wanted to go to Kantanos – she was in the back with a cat on her lap. Only quite a small, quiet cat.

We set off a little later than planned and dropped Eliza at Kantanos on the way. Stavros was with someone else when we arrived and indicated that it was lucky we arrived a little later. He started with Obi’s dewclaws, then the female cat before looking at the ones with the gammy legs. He examined Janne and Erica’s cat and injected some Cortizone. The cat was then put under for the operation. In all, Stavros neutered four cats of which one was female and removed Obi’s Dewclaws. He seemed quite tired by the end of all the operations.

Ursula and I collected up the sleeping animals although Obi, still a bit unsure on his feet, walked to the car under his own steam. Eliza, who we’d not heard from in a while, was trying to contact us and us her. Apparently, she did not receive my text messages and I didn’t receive her attempted voice calls. We finally found each other and returned to Grammeno via Petrakis. The cats were unloaded into the storeroom where we left them to recover in their boxes. The largest male was soon up and about even though he was a little shaky. The others slowly recovered although the female, who’d had the most invasive operation, look a little longer.

Eliza and I plan to walk the dogs before feeding them and putting them to bed. We are then going to Houmas for a meal as Eliza hasn’t been there before.

We had a good meal in Houmas and I left Eliza to find the way to her cabin. I’m off to check on the cats to see they have come round from the anaesthetic. There were all up and active so I gave them some food and left them to it.

Thank you, Ursula, for taking us!


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