Devoured rat

I could see the light of Ursula’s headtorch on the bushes of the Promontory as I walked across the Grammeno Beach carpark with the dogs. We were not as early as yesterday but Ursula was ahead of us all the way. I let Luis and Charlie off however they seemed uninterested in charging after Ursula and Heidi and stayed together with the others until we nearly reached the end of the Promontory. The sky was overcast or mostly cloudy and there was not a single star to be seen. Likewise, the moon as it had set long before. I set off on the first circuit with Skinny and the others. Only Skinny accompanied me on the final round as Fido had lost interest by then. Luis and Charlie were in attendance but not close by. I released Skinny at the beginning of the return leg of the final circuit and he disappeared over to the Big Beach. Luis continued to run along after me panting as usual. He’d been on an important barking event nearer to the car park. It could have been a boat, a car or anything. He’s not particularly choosy.

Ursula released the others and some followed me over the rocks whilst Ursula went round the other way with Heidi. Only Skinny failed to turn up on time for biscuits but he caught us up on the way back. Another dog with important business elsewhere.

Skinny and I went out for our trip to Kountoura and the bakery. We were greeted by a number of dogs and had to stop for a little tummy rubbing on the way. I got Tony a mini pizza this morning and we returned to the camping. I then went for a swim in a slightly undulating sea. By now the sea must be much more than undulating. The swim was preceded by a quick trip up onto the roof of the bathrooms to switch the hot water thermostat from its summer to winter position. I found that the thermostat was as I left it last autumn so I’ll be interested to see if anyone notices a difference. Coming back to get ready, I passed by the storeroom to find the female cat munching her way through a medium-sized rat. She was quite poorly last night but must have recovered sufficiently to catch the rat unless it was a present from her mummy.

After breakfast, I wrote some emails and have had a generally busy day with mail servers and transferring email across to the new server. I also chatted to Barbara in Melbourne where she says there is blossom. Luise called later to talk documents to me.

Luis accompanied me to tea and flapjack with Tony and Ursula after I’d prepared some food for later. It was not an entirely peaceful affair due to the arrival of a cat which caused a bit of a stir with Luis and Heidi. Luis and I had to have words. The flapjack, however, was very tasty and the tea very welcome.

I took the dogs over the Promontory where Ursula was walking with Heidi. We then had a trot over the rocks before returning to the camping for some food.

My windchimes will have to come down as there is now quite a brisk easterly wind which is backing them into the metal frame of the awning. The wind is freshening and I can hear the sea on Alonáki Beach. At least the sea in front of the camping will be calm if the wind doesn’t change.

Today’s high is 29.1℃ so it has been slightly cooler than of late. Tomorrow night we have the possibility of some thunderstorms and some rain showers. The weekend will be a little cooler with some rain forecast for Monday and the possibility of thunderstorms on Tuesday. I think I might have to put on a fleece… Oskar and Skinny are playing in a lively fashion.


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