Third Eye

Surprised to be woken by the alarm as I’d fallen back to sleep unexpectedly. The forecast rain was not falling which was a bonus and the sky was only patchy with a few clouds. Plenty of stars were out making it a delightful morning. I could see the light of Ursula’s torch and she was at the end of the Promontory by the time we’d completed the first lap. To the delight of Oskar as he could then stay back with Obi and Heidi. Luis was following and Fido was with me on a lead. Charlie rushed past from time to time as the mood took him.

On the final lap, I let Fido off the lead which may not have been a good idea as I suspect he and Luis may have gone AWOL however they reported breathlessly and on time at the collection point. As did Skinny although he likes to play hard-to-get by wandering just out of reach making it difficult to secure his collar. I take his collar off as he’s so energetic I don’t want him to catch it on anything as he rushes about. I’m noticing the dogs are less energetic now they are regularly getting two Promontory walks each day. Eliza commented on this when she accompanied me over the rocks this evening.

Skinny and I bagged a Bougatsa for Tony at the bakery and I returned for a swim in the sea. It was still quite rough so Ursula and I spent some while dodging the rollers and breakers. Not so easy for actual swimming, a little like yesterday. The sea is still active as I can hear right now.

The morning became warmer and sunny so my chair was very relaxing. I managed to call Sue to talk about her recent holiday in Malta as well as her newly configured computer. In the afternoon I tidied up some of the stuff littering the decking which had been thrown in during the short spell of earlier rain. More of a shower really. I don’t seem to have got very far with the tidying. Tomorrow’s another day but then so is the day after. The dogs were quiet, especially once Luis was attached to the kitchen unit as he cannot resist barking at the cats.

The afternoon was comparatively short as we had tea early so that the dogs could be walked before we went out to Third Eye for our farewell meal to Eliza, who departs for UK tomorrow and Janne and Erica who leave on Wednesday evening for the Redeye to Stockholm at stupid o’clock Thursday morning. Apparently, the flight to Stockholm is about the same duration as that to Gatwick. I discovered this evening that Peter is riding his bike back to UK next Wednesday as there are things he needs to attend to including a service on his BMW motorcycle. He says that, despite the distance, it’s an easy ride on that bike. But then he’s younger than me and it is a nice bike.

The promised rain, other than a rather pathetic shower which accounted for only 0.6mm, never materialised. So the Evening Walk went ahead as usual albeit earlier. There were still plenty of people about so Eliza and I walked the dogs the whole time on the lead.

The two cars with Janne and Erica taking Eliza and Peter and Ursula, Tony, Heidi and I in the other set off around 19:00 heading into town to Third Eye, the vegetarian/vegan restaurant. They were doing good business and fortunately Ursula had booked a table. We had a great meal and headed back to the camping just before 22:00.

I’m getting eaten alive!


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