Trip to Brighton

The rain falling on the Velux window persuaded me that jumping out of bed wasn’t such a good idea so it was quite late when Kallie and I set off for our jaunt. There were lots of people heading off to work and school as we jogged up Bell Lane towards the King’s Head. From there the climb up to the windmill is via the muddy path behind the stables which runs parallel with the A27 Lewes bypass. The grass was short in the field approaching the windmill but Kallie still managed to get wet as she searched for bunnies and chatted to the horse.

Parents were dropping off at Kingston school as we headed towards the incline which then leads down to the Kingston Road and back into Lewes via Southover. There is one last climb as you pass the playing fields and cross over the A27 and the main railway serving the coast from Brighton to Hastings. I think Kallie was glad to be back home as she found the whole event quite demanding. This was not helped as she’d gone tearing off at the beginning forgetting that she’d have to keep going for 6.3km.

A shower and some breakfast before setting off for the town as I had an optician appointment at 12:50. I passed by Greyfriars on my way as it’s only a two-minute walk from there. My tests were completed and showed that my present prescription needed updating. The salesperson was very helpful and suggested frames whilst telling me of the various two-for-one offers. In the end, I decided to get one pair of reactolites and some prescription sunglasses.

It was past lunchtime so I wandered down to Cook to get something to eat. I selected a Thai curry which was very tasty when reheated back at GFC. After lunch, we chatted for a bit and then I left for Brighton as Maxine was due to do mother’s hair. I just missed a train as I crossed the bridge to the platform but another was due in just over ten minutes. My Millets order was to be delivered to Blacks which used to be at the bottom of Queens Road but which has now morphed into Millets. They told me that their deliveries still go to Blacks which is at the bottom of North Street. It started to rain as I walked from the station to Millets so I was delighted to be walking down North Road. At least this gave me the opportunity to visit TK Max in search of a belt. All their belts had metal buckles and most came from animals. I want a belt which doesn’t contain metal or animals. Why not metal? To avoid setting off security scanners.

I trudged back up Queen’s Road in the rain and got to the station in time for a train to Lewes. There, I wandered down to Waitrose to purchase something light to eat as I’d devoured a mountain of Thai curry at lunchtime.

I wasn’t very late to bed as the previous day had been long and the night had been rather short.

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