Back at the Funny Farm

The rain was very fine as I jogged down Glebe Close just before 04:00. That was simply to lull me into a false sense of security so that I should continue, fall into the complacency trap and go up to the top of Jugg’s Road and get soaked as I cross to the windmill. I was ringing wet when I got back to the house so went and took a shower and got ready to go. A sleepy Eleanor stumbled down the stairs around 05:30 to bid me goodbye.

It was as I started the car that I remembered I needed to fill up with fuel. My next trip was to Tesco where I expended the princely sum of around £12 on petrol before setting off along the A27 towards Brighton and thence to Gatwick. The weather was thoroughly nasty as I drove up the A23 to the airport where I arrived at the hire car drop off around 06:30. The guy who deals with the drop-offs remembered me and I mentioned that I was returning the car one day early. He wished me well and I headed to the North Terminal. I’d failed to check-in on the EasyJet mobile app so has to go to the check-in desk to do it manually. Next was security and the usual rigmarole. The only problem was a bar of olive soap which showed up on their scanner as a liquid. Apparently, this happens a lot.

Next to the departure area and then the gate. Having arrived in good time, we were then asked to go back to another gate as the aircraft there had a working toilet and oven. We took off a little late as a result of the fiddling about but at least we had a working oven! I was sitting in 12D next to a couple from Kent. They were chatty and friendly. Time passed and the flight progressed turbulently at times. I ate my tub of nuts and rescued a gold crown which had become detached from a tooth. Time passed. We arrived over Chania and landed around 14:30 EEST.

Buses took us to immigration. Two planes from UK arrived at the same time so the passport check was laborious. Finally free, I went to the waiting bus at the front of the terminal and we left just after 15:00 for the central bus station in Chania. The last Paleochora bus of the day leaves at 16:00 so I had a thirty-minute wait. The trip through the mountains was uneventful other than I chatted to Ursula all the way via text. I received a message from O2 telling me they plan to charge me an additional £30 for extra calls made this month. O2 and I need to have a conversation.

The dentist is open on Wednesday afternoon as I discovered from the notice on the door. I started to walk towards Grammeno vaguely hoping to hitch a lift but also to close my Move Ring as I’d spent most of the day sitting doing nothing. I examined the pedestrian/cycle lane which is under construction and it appears to be progressing better than I’d hoped. It will all be finished by June (2020, 2021, 2022…) Ursula appeared and brought me back to the camping whereupon I took the dogs out for a walk and fed them. They seemed pleased to see me and I thought Skinny was going to have my arm off at one point! Oskar was sulking as I’d been away and refused to speak to me. Funny things dogs.

I’m now catching up with things but will probably just go to bed and have a crack at it in the morning.


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