3rd Eye – Yum Yum!

I was looking at my watch to see how much time I had left to sleep when the alarm sounded. It’s difficult to justify lying in bed when you have a Skinny bouncing around outside on the decking. The moon is still bright and I was wearing a polo shirt so felt a little warmer than yesterday. Luis was a reluctant walker as I didn’t release him after his disappearing act yesterday morning. I ended up tying him to the branch of a bush whilst I walked round with the others for the second lap. It would have been too painful otherwise. Luis showed a little more enthusiasm for the final lap and then I released them to run over the rocks at the end. Slightly later, Ursula sent a message to say she’d encountered Charlie as she returned to the camping. He would be cooling his heels in his house when I returned.

We met at the collection point for biscuits, except for Skinny, who was involved with some important sniffing and investigation activity nearby. He raced past us as we wandered back and managed to get as far as the field. He nearly made it to the compound but was distracted by another important smell near to the fence. As a result, I ran on my own this morning as he was not ready when it was time to leave. I left the outer gate open to find him sitting patiently by the closed inner gate upon my return.

I showered and then went to see Eleanor to suggest we walk to the supermarket to get things for her breakfast. She met me when she’d finished her coffee and I’d put my breakfast into the Instant Pot. Skinny and Obi accompanied us and the remainder were enclosed in the van or a house. It was still quite cool as we walked the 1km to Vlisidis supermarket where we did the breakfast shopping before returning to the camping.

I had some breakfast and some gentle relaxation before beginning quite a busy day. I managed to achieve a number of outstanding tasks. One of these was to fix my leaky tap which was spraying water out when on full power. I traced the problem to a split cover which I replaced with one from another tap I had in the storeroom.

It was soon 17:00 so time for tea and flapjack with Ursula, Tony and Eleanor. I ate two enormous pieces of flapjack which were extremely yummy. Eleanor and I took the dogs for a quick spin around the Promontory and spotted a VW camper with Swiss plates parked on Alonáki Beach. The owner called over to us as we headed to the Promontory and we had a brief chat. We were going out to Third Eye for a meal so needed to get back as promptly as possible. We walked the dogs around in quick-time under a grey and covered sky which even managed to spatter down a few drops of rain! Not even enough to dampen the sand.

Back at base, I fed the dogs and put them inside so that we were ready to go. Ursula was preparing the car and we set off for Downtown Paleochora and Third Eye restaurant. They have a particularly interesting vegetarian menu with several vegan choices so I’m always happy to eat there. We were seated next to a Norwegian Couple with a Poodle. She had a flashing light so Heidi was jealous I’m certain. Apparently, they have been coming to Paleochora in September/October for a number of years bringing their dog on the plane with them. Another couple came over as they were leaving to enquire after Heidi who had been comatose next to the table. They’ve been visiting Paleochora on-and-off for a number of years too.

We enjoyed a lovely meal. We shared a salad and I ordered an Indonesian Gado Gado curry for the main course. We rounded off with fresh grapes picked from the vines overhead.

Back at the camping, Georgia was still in the office holding court with a number of people. We understand that Martha is a little better today but her recovery could take a while.


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