Spinach and rice

We were on the Promontory by 05:30 as I woke up early and didn’t think it worthwhile going back to sleep. There was also a certain amount of doggy traffic in the van. The sky, unlike the day before, was almost cloudless with a fine collection of stars and, of course, the moon which shone brightly. Walking today was more regimented than yesterday. All dogs walked to the end of the Promontory where Luis and Oskar were siphoned off and tied to the root. I walked round twice with the others picking up the remaining two for the final lap. All, except Skinny, who’d been AWOL two walks in succession, were allowed to go free. Obi, like a good boy, came back promptly too.

Ursula and Heidi were out earlier today so we spent some time letting the dogs play together in the sand. I went back and took Skinny for his first run in three days. We needed to collect a cheese, ham and tomato pie from the bakery as well as stroke the dogs and the three new puppies which seem to have appeared from nowhere.

I delivered the pastry, went for a shower and got on with my mail server project followed by some breakfast. It was soon time for my weekly call home too.

The day became progressively warmer as the clouds dispersed and the sun broke through. My mail server project predominated until it was time to wash the spinach and to join the others for tea and apple cake freshly baked by Ursula. It was very enjoyable and completely tasty. Some hurried supper preparations ensued before the Evening Walk which was less frenetic than the previous day.

Ursula, Tony, Eleanor and I had spinach, rice and peas surrounded by all the dogs in the shambles I refer to as a decking area. Ursula took some photos just to prove how tidy and well organised everything is. Ursula provided some preserved fruit with sprinkles which proved a very worthy desert.

Luis is currently dedicating himself to sorting out Skinny’s ears. I took a tick from one yesterday so Luis is carrying our follow-up treatment. Luis, who was one of the dogs more disposed to chasing Skinny off, is now tenderly licking his ears. How things have changed in the past few months!

I’ve moved the ‘kittens’ into the former Boris compound and house with a cat box and blanket inside the house and a bowl of food in one of the crates. I plan to try this system to see how well the cats and dogs respond. Feeding the cats in the storeroom encourages other cats to encroach on ‘my’ four/five so I thought that fewer interlopers might be brave enough to come into the compound in search of food. Time will tell…


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