Another great meal at Third Eye!

Yesterday ended early this morning as I was working late into the night. I carried on for an hour or so when we came back from the Early Walk. Skinny was most displeased at having to wait for his run out to the bakery where we purchased a cheese pastry for the princely sum of 0.90€! We were out later so didn’t get to see the puppies or rub any tummies.

I had rebooted the server at Inter Sport but it didn’t shut down as expected so I needed to wait until the first person came into the Lewes store to stop and restart the server manually. This meant there was a long delay whilst the software updates were processed meaning they were without tills and emails for the first part of the day. That was a fairly stressful time for me. There was then the inevitable series of phone calls when people discovered that things had changed. Rather than look for the items themselves, they go into a panic and ring me up!

Things quietened down so I was able to make more progress. With little sleep the previous night, I was glad when 17:00 came round and I was able to join Ursula, Tony and Eleanor for tea. There were some tortillas and grapes as I’d scoffed all the cake the previous day. The tortilla chips had an untimely end.

The Evening walk followed the tea and tortillas so Eleanor and I took out the dogs and let them run with us over the rocks at the end of the Promontory. We noticed Mr Ammos Beach Bar starting to pack up the sunbeds and umbrellas on Grammeno Beach and stack the remaining sunbeds on Alonaki Beach. The ship which had been moored in the bay between the Promontory and Paleochora had left by the evening. Apparently, the ship was personed by a group of people who travel around from area to area collecting up rubbish on beaches to take away and dispose of responsibly.

We met Swiss Lady, whose name escapes me, and she inquired if she could join us for supper at Third Eye. She doesn’t drive at night due to poor night vision, the road between Grammeno and Paleochora is terrible and she’d have to stow all of her possessions just for a short journey. The original plan was to visit Anydri late afternoon but I had rather a lot to do so we changed to Third Eye in the evening. The meal was the usual high standard and the animal-eaters were treated to complimentary yoghurt and tiramisu. Sadly, there was no fruit on offer for vegans.

I let the dogs out once I got back to the van but Oskar and Fido misbehaved by tormenting the kittens so were immediately and unceremoniously shoved back inside. Luis is snoring gently next to me and is physically prevented from malevolence as he’s tied to the kitchen unit. Oskar and Fido seem to have difficulty in learning since they were confined to the Small Dog Compound all day for similar offences.

I have one quick IT job to do then I’m off to bed!


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