Eleanor flies back to UK

A doggy event occurred around 03:00 which, in a way, was quite nice as I could see I still had a couple of hours sleeping time ahead of me. I awoke to the doggy excitement which was probably triggered by a nearby pussy event. I went back to sleep to wake on the alarm at the normal time. It was breezy so I even wore my woolly hat! It was cool so the dogs had plenty of energy. We walked swiftly to the end of the Promontory just ahead of Ursula and Heidi who were coming up from the rear. I left her a present of Oskar, Charlie and Luis before commencing the first lap with the others. I swapped the two Brown Dogs for two black dogs for the second and took all but Luis on the final one. I saw no point in over-exercising Luis despite his apparent recovery. We all went over the rocks, even Luis, who seems to be as energetic as usual. All returned at the collection point although Skinny shadowed us until we were about to cross the field where I was able to reacquire him. The Czech motorhomes were still parked on the beach.

I took Skinny on the Bakery Run coming back with kalitsounia* for Tony. The run completed, I got a shower and made breakfast having first delivered the kalitsounia and sorted out bowls for the pussies. A couple of years ago, I bought some, what turned out to be, small bowls for putting in the doggy houses at night. They were only just big enough and now the dogs don’t sleep in their houses at night. The bowls have been repurposed as feeding bowls for the pussies with three of them hooked over the metal bars of the dog crate which is their main feeding location. They are at a good height and out of the rain also off the ground so less attractive to insects. Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

Just before 10:00. Antonis, wife and baby Anna, drove into the camping to transport Eleanor to the airport. Naturally, we all performed baby-worship and I asked who the father was as she is so beautiful! Naturally, Antonis took my comment well and recommended I ask ‘her’ pointing to his beloved. They left for Chania and the airport and Eleanor is safely back in UK and on the train to Lewes.

My morning was taken up with sorting out external server-client connections to Outlook and mobiles. The Inter Sport staff can now access their mail, contacts and calendar from their laptops and portable devices whilst out on the road. This version of the Exchange mail server makes it easier to configure remote devices as you need only the server name, username a password. Ideally, you should just need the email address and password but that’s for another day. It works so that’s the main thing.

I diverted my attention from the mail servers to setting up a WordPress website for EG. A comparatively easy task compared to mail servers.

Just after 17:00 I pottered down to Tony and Ursula for a cup of tea bringing Luis with me as this is the easiest way to ensure relative doggy peace. Despite a prolonged visit from IZO, who appears to spend more time in the camping than at Grameno Restaurant, more disturbance emanated from the other dogs. I wandered down to the beach to see the number of cars in the car park and threw a ball for IZO whilst chatting to Austrian Lady who feeds the cats as well as IZO. He never puts on any weight as he’s so active.

I took the dogs to the Promontory passing the Czechs who were returning from a trip out on their expensive-looking electric bikes. They were charging them up from a small generator as we walked back. I think these guys are from the quite well-heeled portion of the Czech population. One of their motorhomes is in the £100,000 category.

The dogs enjoyed their walk. The mosquitoes enjoyed biting me and generally buzzing around my head. It was a relief to get up onto the rocks and into the wind as at least the little blighters wouldn’t follow me. All the dogs returned as anticipated, we marched back to the camping so we’re now in the tea, bath, bed part of the day.

There are some tired-looking vegetables lurking in the fridge so I need to conjure up some way to make them seem palatable.

In case anyone might wonder why my previous blog appeared to finish mid-sentence, it was because I fell asleep and finished it off when I woke up. The blog had published itself in the meantime so anyone receiving the emailed subscription version would not have received the entire content.

*Kalitsounia are small cheese or herb pies associated with the Greek island of Crete. They resemble a common cheese or stuffed pie with the principal difference of its filling and serving variations. So, in Chania we find the salty kalitsounia, stuffed with the local, mild cheese, mizithra or various herbs from the Cretan land and the sweet kalistounia, also stuffed with mizithra but poured with honey on top. (Wikipedia)


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