The case of the disappearing Obi

I was in bed earlier than most of the week so woke up a little earlier too. I decided that a visit to the loo and feed the cats might be a good idea before walking the dogs. There was food remaining in nearly all of the bowls, three of which are in the dog crate and the other in the former Boris residence together with a cat box and a blanket. I have no idea whether the cats use the house for anything other than eating as I have no means of telling if they go in there. The front of the house faces the fence so it’s not possible to see inside.

Once the cats had been fed, we set off across the field and down the road towards the Promontory. The moon is almost at the end of its current phase with a new moon on 28 October. It’s currently less than 10% illumination so there is little light and long shadows. I needed to use my new headtorch more than usual. It was hard work getting to the end of the Promontory so I left Luis and Oskar tied to a bush so that Ursula would easily find them. I continued with the others however their level of enthusiasm was also low. So low that I exchanged all of them, including Skinny, who usually does every circuit, for Oskar and Luis. In fact, the recently damaged and fatally-wounded Luis showed more energy than most of the others! I released Luis and Oskar on the Big Beach and walked alone to the end of the Promontory where Ursula waited patiently with the others. They were all realeased before we walked over the rocks to the collection point. Ursula made her way back to the camping with Heidi. Everyone showed up as expected except Obi. He has been doing really well recently but has now ended that streak.

We returned to the camping. Skinny and I set off to acquire a Bougatsa for Tony. We had not gone far when, guess who should come out of a gateway? Obi and IZO running together as a pair. They came over to greet Skinny before disappearing off up the road towards Kountoura. Last seen heading off towards the beach and the sea. Skinny and I continued to the bakery to make our purchase and thence to the camping.

I had a shower and then delivered Tony’s pastry. I then prepared and ate breakfast before getting on with yet more mailbox transfers. I think I can safely say that all or nearly all have now been transferred so at least that is out of the way. The majority of the work is now complete and I now have to decommission the old server and tidy up the odds and ends. There are still some more computers to install as some new people are starting and another’s coming back following a maternity break.

I have not been hard at it all day and have spent time doing some important fiddling about as well as getting on with other work. I received one of those marketing calls from a company called TeamViewer which provides the software I use to remotely connect to other computers. Just over three years ago, I made a one-off payment to purchase a perpetual licence as the previous licence was no longer available to me. Since that time, the software has been updated as far as version fourteen leaving me locked into version eleven. I have limited requirements from the software so didn’t mind the fact that I didn’t have all the latest bells and whistles. As time went on, it became more difficult to use my older version as I could only connect to that version or those prior to that version. I complained bitterly to the sales representative pointing out that I paid for something which was becoming more difficult to use. In any event, I’d come to the conclusion I’d need to upgrade so finally accepted a 50% perpetual discount on the monthly subscription. But surely, a monthly subscription paid annually is an annual subscription?

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