Last day of summer

I felt cold in the night and had to add extra cover. Having looked at the temperature graph this morning, I can understand why. The funny thing was that by the time we were out on the Early Walk the wind was warmer as was the temperature. The mosquitoes realised this and were out in force brandishing their little knives and forks.

Ursula and Heidi beat us to the end of the Promontory as they were already installed when we finally made it there. So many stops for wees and poos! Why we cannot learn to have organised and synchronised excretion, I have no idea. You get going after one decides to wee or poo and then the next one wants to so you have to go through the entire rigmarole over again.

Despite it being warmer and the abundant insect attacks, we managed three relatively painless circuits of the Promontory with Oskar and Luis joining in on the last lap having spent the first two amusing Ursula and Heidi. Ursula and Heidi headed back to the camping whilst I lead the others over the rocks. All were released and all returned, except for Obi who is in the doghouse as a result of his antics yesterday. We got back a little later today so Skinny and I was in the sun for the majority of our Pastry Run to the bakery. Today’s delight was a ham, cheese and tomato pastry which was deposited into Tony’s hand shortly after my morning shower. After all, one would not appreciate a pastry delivered by a sweaty body – would one?

Other than a visit from Dimitris who delivered two packages for me, the morning was relatively quiet. Oskar made a point of welcoming the package-deliverer with plenty of loud barking. One of the packages turned out to be destined for Ifigeneia Fragakis, Paleochora, Chania, 73001 Crete. I can see the confusion as the address is identical to Christopher Franks, Grammeno Camping, Kountoura, Paleochora, 73001 Crete. Silly me! I’ll drop it into the post office the next time I go into town. The package actually destined for me contains utterly uninspiring insulating shrink tubing which I need for the copper plates which connect the individual battery cells of my PV project together. The fact that this package arrived correctly to its intended destination is miraculous considering some bright spark used a thick sticky tape which renders the address label virtually illegible. The sender’s address is all in Chinese so the package was unlikely to be able to be returned in any event. For delivering the wrong package 0/10: for delivering the correct package 10/10 – well done!

The cats appear to be settling into the former Boris run and residence. At least I’m now feeding only four cats and not every cat in Grammeno/Kountoura/Paleochora/Chania. Their dining area is protected from the wind and rain containing three small food bowls. They appear to garner my attention despite their bowls still containing food. I assume that this is so that I may perform my other task, other than food provider, which is to pet them when required. The act of petting the cats doesn’t go down well with Luis or Oskar. Luis because he is jealous of anything which might move the limelight away from him and Oskar because he doesn’t really understand pussies. Like all of the other things in life which Oskar fails to understand, he simply growls, barks or whines at them. Never a dull moment here!

My new and exciting version 14 of Teamviewer is, as far as I can see, very good. From my pit last night, I was able to login to one of the servers to set the updates going from my iPhone. I’ve been able to do this in the past however the latest version is much smoother and faster. I’m sure I’ll get to realise the full extent of all the benefits of the latest version over the coming days.

In preparation and to ward off any cold weather, I’ve just tested my electric fan heater and backup heater. One came directly from China for the princely sum of £17.44 and the other, in the Argos sale, was around £10 cheaper! I now have two working heaters, one for myself and one for any visiting punters who might be staying in the small cabins. Borrowing a fan heater from Antonis last year deprived him of its use.

There were so many people on the Promontory when we went for the Evening Walk it was a bit like summer. A man with a German Shepherd on the road, the Czechs having their evening meal alonside Alonáki Beach, a couple out walking, a small group of fishermen and finally, a larger family group which included a couple of dogs, on the Big Beach. There was some excitement however we managed to regain our composure and continue in reasonable order.

I needed to get on with it was we were going out to Third Eye for the last time this season as they close up for the Winter tomorrow after closing. A marvellous meal where most of the clientele appeared to be British although some were Greeks. We’d stopped at Petrakis on the way out for a little rapid shopping so arrived at the restaurant a little later than other occasions. My ‘rapid shopping’ was in three bags as my ‘few items’ had expanded to fill the number of available bags to carry them.

We were back at the camping around 21:30 as I was unsure that the dogs would remain quiet due to the number of customers who have appeared. Given the time of the year, nearly all of the accommodation is full. All except T1 as far as I know. Usually, this weekend comes and goes quite unremarkably. I’m glad Dimitris is here and I don’t have to be running around after all this lot!

It’s quite windy and the dogs have been out for a wee. I plan to get them inside and to adjourn to bed. Tomorrow morning the clocks go back so I will take the opportunity to adjust my getting up time by 30 minutes as the moon has all but gone so it’s quite dark for a long time. I was explaining to Ursula that she’d need to change her wakeup time to be thirty minutes earlier to account for the time change. We’ll see who gets up in the morning…


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