Everyone was there on time!

We met Ursula and Heidi at the entrance to the Promontory at 05:15 or thereabouts. I’d explained that to have an extra thirty minutes in bed we’d need to set the alarm thirty minutes early. It sounds counterintuitive but, factoring in the hour change, that’s how it worked out. We walked for less time in the darkness and came back to the camping in daylight. Skinny managed to come back in the nick of time just before I closed the field gate into the compound. If he can manage to do that, I’m happy.

Today’s pastry run was intended to culminate in an apple pie but alas, there were none to be had so it was a chocolate croissant instead. Not quite as healthy but then healthy and butter-impregnated chocolate pastry doesn’t really go well hand-in-hand.

A shower, pastry delivery and breakfast followed and then some gentle playing around with server updates as it was Sunday.

Children were playing near to the enhanced cabins as there is a number of families with young(ish) children for the Holiday Weekend. They were playing nicely together and were not intrusive but they were ever-present. With Oskar tied to the decking and Luis tied to the kitchen unit, there was reasonable peace and I spent quite a bit of time either reading or fiddling about with this and that. It’s possible I may even have lost concentration at some point.

Morning turned to afternoon with an increase in the wind and a need for me to put my shirt back on. The top temperature for today is 27.6℃ which is pretty good for the end of Octember.

The new teatime is 16:00 so Luis and I ambled down to join Tony and Ursula for tea and flapjack. There were plenty of children with footballs and buckets and spades also dogs wandering freely around. It was a lively experience. After tea, I checked the Grammeno Beach car park to find it full but later discovered it was mostly the large Czech motorhome and another car.

I took the dogs for their walk as the sun was setting but the dogs were on the lead as I was unsure how many people I might encounter on the Promontory. As it turned out, there were none.

It is now seriously dark yet it’s not even 19:00. My meal is cooking in the Instant Pot and it’s more than a little windy outside. Loads of flapping tent sides from behind me. Oskar and Skinny are fooling around on the decking although I suspect it’s more because Skinny has managed to tie himself up in Oskar’s line and he’s trying to work out how to untangle himself. I’ll leave them to work it out for themselves.

Skinny and Oskar are now untangled as Skinny had the line wrapped several times around one of his hind legs. Their antics keep them quiet and Oskar’s mind from wandering in the direction of the cats. I’m sitting in my reclining chair waiting for the Instant Pot to complete its program and then I shall eat.

I have to confess to some inaccurate information regarding the cessation of Daylight Saving in the EU. I stated that from 2020, the EU member countries had to choose to adopt either permanent summertime or permanent wintertime. I now know that the original intention was for the change to take place in 2019 but it has now been moved back to 2021. This means that we will have summertime again next year and the two time changes in March and October as usual. Why it takes quite so long to implement a relatively simple change, I know not.

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