Happy 4th Birthday Doggies!

The thirty-minute lie-in was ignored by the dogs and we were leaving the gate at 04:55 (05:55). Hardly surprising as it’s difficult enough for some human beings to understand the hour change so the dogs have no chance. Our walk was lively as all dogs went three times round the Promontory. There was a particularly interesting aroma which got them all very excited so I was able to channel this energy to get them to walk more purposefully. We were back in good time, most of us that it. Ursula needed to reacquire Charlie wandering on the fringes of the Promontory. Skinny failed to return to the collection point but was waiting patiently, with his head in the water bowl, when I came back from turning on the water heater.

We headed out of the camping to find a rather flat cat which I suspect belonged to the couple across the road. The cat produced a never-ending stream of young so her spirit lives on. We purchased a spinach swirl for Tony and returned to base. It was cooler and Skinny was tired after so much running around so our run must have been quicker than usual as I was able to keep up with Skinny.

I had a shower, delivered the pastry and ate breakfast. I had some tidying up jobs to do as well as to complete the setting up of one of the workstations at Inter Sport. I acquainted myself with some of the finer features of Exchange 2016 in an attempt to control some of the user mailboxes as otherwise, they just get huge!

It was the holiday so there were still plenty of people on the camping until late in the afternoon. Most, I suspect have left and gone home as they have work in the morning and the children probably have school.

Georgia popped by looking for something in the workshop so updated me with her mother’s progress. It seems that she’s doing well and at home but with someone on hand 24/7. I suggested that she should be patient with her mother’s progress as she was down a long time before being found. So far, it seems remarkable. She tells me that Dimitris will be leaving in around a week so will pass on the keys to the kingdom. She will be around visiting her mother but also spending time in Chania. I’m happier being left alone to get on with things in my own way without having someone breathing down my neck and I think she realises that.

The day drifted by in its comparative stillness until it was time for Luis and I to take tea with Ursula and Tony. Life was still a little busy down their way as one of the wooden cabins is inhabited by a couple with small children. The man had a penetrating and unmistakable voice and seems never to tire of using it. They’ve gone now so peace and tranquillity will resume.

I took the dogs through the field gate to find that someone had fixed the fence in preparation for the arrival of sheep. There are already sheep in the top field as I discovered when returning this evening. We did an about-turn and headed out of the main camping gate and down the road. I must remember to go through the main gate in the morning. I need to install my own personal gate in the field fence, a job I planned to do last winter until a section of the fence was taken down and the sheep allowed to roam at will.

The Czechs are back on AlonĂ¡ki Beach and another van, complete with dog, is now parked near to the entrance to the Promontory as I discovered when passing earlier. There was a bit of a curfuffle, due mostly to surprise, as the dog was not apparent until we were level with it. I returned via the beach to avoid further complications.

We are still all sitting outside but it seems cooler this evening. The weather becomes unstable after Wednesday with some rain forecast for the end of the week and the weekend. I shall get the tent sides up and take down the Sun Blocker. Skinny will no longer be able to get tied up in the guy ropes!

Tomorrow’s plan is to make use of the fine weather to enjoy a final visit to Anydri before the end of the season. I think they plan to close next Sunday but, in the light of the deteriorating weather, they may review that decision as most of their dining space is outside and the inside space is limited.

The Instant Pot has just clicked as the pressure release valve opens so time for some grub!

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