Last meal at Anydri

My brain is going to be confused by this hour change for a couple more days so it’s unsurprising I was awake early again. I peered out of the still-open door to see that Skinny had wound his line around the guy rope for the SunBlocker. I considered getting up to untangle him but in the end, thought better of it.

I remembered we needed to go out via the camping main gate and not through the field due to the sheep. There was minor confusion as the dogs are used to going out through the field so were puzzled by the change. We set off into the darkness of the camping, out the main gate, along the road and then down towards the sea and Alonáki Beach. We walked past the line of Czech motorhomes, much to the surprise of a man who’d sneaked out for a quick pee finding himself in front of a strange man with six impatient dogs. We skirted around the van with the dog by means of the beach rather than the car park entrance, and onto the Promontory. We finally made it to the end where Ursula and Heidi were sitting enveloped in the morning darkness admiring the celestial bodies above. I handed Luis and Oskar to Ursula and continued on with the other four. We swapped at the end of the next round and I took them all for the final circuit. This time I didn’t let them off until I was back at the end of the Promontory due to the presence of the dog and the van.

We were back by 07:00 but Skinny and I didn’t go out for Tony’s Apple pie until later as I had some computers that required my attention beforehand. Our mission was accomplished, the pastry delivered and I had a shower before breakfast.

Part of my morning was taken up with IT administration and one more mailbox transfer to the new server. I think that really is the last one. Other tasks involved transfer of an email account for the Wirral branch of the Embroiderers Guild. All good exciting stuff.

Later, I shifted some of my decking clutter to the storeroom in anticipation of the rain still forecast for later in the week. The forecast is now more favourable than yesterday: still rainy for a couple of days but less of it and lower probability. The high for today is 27.9℃ which is still very good for the time of year. I was glad of my light fleece when we were at Anydri as the tables usually in the sunshine were shaded by the huge olive tree and the buildings. We were their only customers to begin with so service was pretty slick. A German couple arrived after a while and sat near to us. They come every year about this time and again in May. They don’t like crowds and very hot weather preferring to stay in Germany to look after their garden in the summer. Another couple were also seated nearby when we came to leave. It was a very good meal as usual however the sun was near to setting as we left and the shadows lengthening. Paleochora Camping appeared not to have too many customers. Just one motorhome at the front of the camping.

Ursula and Tony dropped me opposite the camping entrance and went on to Vlisidis supermarket for some coffee. I went back to the dogs to take them for their evening walk. There didn’t appear to be much noise as I approached, except from Georgia’s dogs. We went out onto the Promontory and walked one circuit. It was dark during the entire walk. We stopped off to see Cornelia who was sitting in front of her van about to enjoy her supper as we arrived. She explained that the Czechs had been busy packing up most of the afternoon and they looked to me as if they were preparing to depart.

The dogs are now fed and in varying states of relaxation. Skinny’s blankets had been tossed out onto the decking earlier and he’d gone out there to join them. He got up immediately I asked if he wanted to come under the awning. You can tell it’s getting cooler as blanket space is now at a premium. Skinny and Luis are on one, Oskar another and Fido a third. I suspect Charlie has retired to the house or inside the van and maybe Obi likewise. There are still some chirpy things around and about but I certainly wouldn’t want to be sleeping out here all night. You can tell when it starts getting colder as Obi will be back to sleeping in the van as will Charlie.


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