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It was a two-blanket night and I was glad of both! The summer is heading rapidly towards autumn despite the warm days. The forecast for the remainder of the week is far more reasonable than a few days ago. The rain forecast is now only for Saturday and maybe Monday with lower probability and smaller quantities.

Ursula and Heidi were out on the Promontory a long time before we arrived this morning. Our extra walk adds another 500m and takes a little longer and there are additional attractions such as sheep and parked vehicles as well as all those interesting smells along the side of the road. We managed our walks with Skinny walking the furthest and the others completing two laps each. Charlie seems to have decided to go for a wander down the beach then accompany Heidi and Ursula back to the camping. Obi and Skinny have been detained at my pleasure since there are now at least two lots of sheep to provide an additional attraction and there are fewer ways of getting back to the camping as the field is currently not an option.

The bakery run to purchase the morning pastry went according to plan with Skinny at my side as usual. He seemed a little more preoccupied than usual but kept up a good pace. Today we brought back two kalisounia for Tony’s breakfast. Ursula had made some chocolate brownie mix but was having problems with the oven when I went down with the morning delivery. Fortunately, the oven sprang to life and the mixture turned into wonderful chocolate brownies for teatime at 16:00.

My day was busy as I had some long support calls to Inter Sport. Fortunately, I was able to use Apple Facetime Audio or it would have been quite an expensive day. Sue is going to move to her new computer tomorrow so we needed to get everything right for her. Sophie, her daughter, will be starting back soon so we need to fix up a computer for her too. I hear that there is a move to upgrade the EPOS system once again and hopefully, this time will be more successful than the previous attempt. Plenty of work for me to do for a little while.

Teatime came around very quickly so Luis and I went to join Ursula and Tony for tea and chocolate brownie. The brownie was delicious more so as I’d not had time for any lunch as I was so busy with my support calls. We had a visit from IZO and the cleaning lady, together with small son, came to get the adjacent small cabins ready for the next visitors. I had yet another support call so went back to deal with that. Shortly after, I took the dogs out for their Evening Walk on the Promontory. Sunset seems to be arriving earlier and earlier. It was later than I’d hoped as I was meeting Cornelia, AKA Swiss Lady at Houmas restaurant for supper. I fed the dogs and then put them inside leaving Skinny and Obi outside. Maybe Obi should be inside on these occasions as he can be a little naughty when he thinks no one is looking.

After our meal, I walked Cornelia back to her van which is parked on Alonáki Beach. We were talking as we walked down the road which runs at right-angles to the beach. I must have been talking louder than I thought as there was a doggy outburst from the other side of the field from the compound. I left Cornelia at her van then headed to the van via the field as I was able to easily open the fence on the corner of the field.

All is quiet now although I’m not so sure I want to sit out here much longer as it seems quite chilly. The thermometers tell me it’s over 21℃ but it seems much cooler where I’m sitting. I’m going to put the dogs to bed and call it a day.

Benny AKA (Fat Boy) Malloy, munching a piece of bread. Sent by Marion who took both him and Minnie.

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