Happy Holloween!

“Get Brexit Done!”
Approaching storm 16:00

I’ve just returned from our last meal at Houmas Restaurant for 2019. We were the last customers of the summer 2019 season. I expect there may be the odd wedding or even Christmas party before the year is out. They are closed from tomorrow so will be cleaning and then taking time off for a well-deserved holiday as they are all completely exhausted. The staff were sitting around a table eating cake as we left.

The day started well without appreciable wind or excessive flying insects. The dogs have not adjusted their watches so have not grasped the idea of staying in bed a further thirty-minutes in the morning. I gave up the unequal struggle and got up at 04:40 as I felt it useless to stay in bed any longer. Ursula and Heidi were still out on the Promontory before us but then we arrived via the pretty route and not across the field. The dogs are getting the hang of the sheep so are mostly ignoring them as we pass the top field. They find it harder to ignore them if the sheep decide to suddenly bolt when we’re nearby.

We managed our three circuits although Luis was relegated to being attached to a bush having refused to continue. This pleased him very little so he kept himself company by making a lot of racket. His wailing could be heard far and wide. As there were very few people around to hear him at that time of the morning, it mattered not a lot.

Those which were released returned nicely so we all arrived back together to the camping. There are too many distractions to have dogs finding their own way back. I changed before taking Skinny to the bakery to buy a Bougatsa for Tony. At least, I think it was a Bougatsa. Breakfast followed then some work. I moved a domain for EG and fiddled with some other stuff for Inter Sport. I also installed Windows 10 onto a virtual machine for my own use.

The sky clouded over and the air temperature dropped. Luis and I went to join Ursula and Tony for tea where we/I finished off most of the chocolate brownie and discussed the approach of the impending storm. I took the dogs out onto the Promontory for the Evening Walk mindful of the storm coming up from the west. We were back before it rained so I was able to feed the dogs and then put them inside. It was only when I was about to leave for the restaurant did the rain start. It lasted only a few minutes so I waited for it to subside before setting off. I got slightly damp between the camping and the restaurant but dried off quickly.

The rain was sufficient to lay the dust so it was a pleasant walk back to the camping after the meal. A cat lay in wait for me at the camping entrance. Not one of mine, but I fed it anyway. Mine were completely out of food so I filled up their bowels and left them chomping away. They have not quite grasped that there are four of them and four bowls and seem to try to crowd into the former Boris House to get food from the smallest of the bowls. Any cat bright enough to go to the other house has three bowls of food to sample.

It’s now very late (20:16), I’m full of stuffed tomato, pepper and lentil soup. There are periodic showers so I’m going to bed where I shall doubtless fall asleep to be woken at silly o’clock by the next storm in the queue.

Storms moving from west to east. The next storm looks fairly harmless.


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