Nearly too late!

Another early night yesterday after our visit to Houmas for the final meal of the 2019 season. I think I was in bed by 20:45 (21:45 the week before) so it was hardly surprising I was awake good and early. Not helped by a certain long-legged white nit-wit crashing about outside on the decking. I gave up and got up and off we went into the darkness. We walked out of the gate at 04:55, the time my alarm went off. Despite our early start, Heidi and Ursula were waiting for us at the end of the Promontory as if they’d been there all night. Ursula had been enjoying a little star-gazing which was somewhat rapidly curtailed by us arriving. I left Luis and Oskar with her and continued with the others. I swapped over for lap two and took all on the final one. I released Fido, Luis, Oskar and Charlie. The other two I hung on to.

They reported at the end, we had biscuits before returning to the camping. Skinny and I set off on the bakery run to obtain a cheese, ham and tomato pastry for Tony. I dropped Skinny back to the others and got a shower then made breakfast. I took the pastry to Tony than came back to feed the cats and to play with them. They seem to appreciate lots of play sessions which might start off with one or two of them but end up with all four young ones.

The morning unravelled unspectacularly and included a longish support call with Sue at Inter Sport and a walk to the office to drop off the packet which wasn’t for me. I’d intended to take it back to the post office but was never in the town at the right time to do so.

The afternoon came and went. Ursula and Tony went into Paleochora for a change of scenery and before long it was teatime where there was stewed fruit with sprinkles. Very nice it was too! So much so that I felt I should have seconds to show my approval. IZO was present to entertain us as was Georgia’s cat which is being looked after by Austrian Lady who is also concerned for IZO. He spends much of his time hanging around her cabin and I think she feels responsible for him. She came to ask where he lives as she wants to take him back in case they are missing him. He ‘belongs’ to Grameno Restaurant however I suspect their idea of looking after him is to give him something to eat if he shows up at the right time. Anyway, so long as she feels she’s done her best to inform them of his whereabouts, that’s the main thing.

I took the dogs out just as it was getting dark and decided to let all but Obi free to have a run about. We went over the rocks as darkness was falling and met up on the other side as normal. All but Skinny returned but he was not far away. We walked back with Skinny rushing past from time-to-time then popped by to see how Cornelia was. She was reading a book sitting next to her van which is by the sea. The dogs were hungry so we didn’t hang about.

I was serving up the food when suddenly the dogs rushed towards the gate: I could see Skinny standing on the outside waiting to be let in. Only a minute or so later and it would have been curtains and no supper for him. He’s now curled up on the matting under the awning with Luis taking up most of the blanket which is there for him.

Another disturbance took me outside to find Austrian Lady washing up in the Central Kitchen. She’d been to Grameno Restaurant to discover for herself that they’re not really interested in IZO despite professing sadness when he was away for so long in the summer. I’ve told Austrian Lady that IZO is a survivor and, one way or another, he’ll be looked after if he hangs around the camping. There’s plenty of straw in the storeroom and I’ll give him some food each day so long as I don’t have to take total responsibility for him and he doesn’t seriously disrupt the camping.

I’ve concocted an interesting slurry which is now ready for my delectation…

There’s more thunder on the way. Not that we’ve had more than a few distant rumbles and flashes in the sky.


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