The Kingdom is mine!

Watching Detective Chief Inspector Foyle until late last night meant I was woken by my alarm even though I’d been up on a couple of occasions in order to complete important tasks. The sky looked reasonably starry but not cloudless. It was fairly cool too. Mindful of the two Cycling FreeLoaders camped out on the Promontory the previous evening, We walked a slightly different route to avoid encountering them. Ursula and Heidi were already present however Ursula adopted a less sympathetic tone towards them. I left Luis and Oskar with Ursula and went round with Skinny, Fido, Obi and Charlie. Next, I took Luis and Oskar but they were even less enthusiastic than usual so I left them with Ursula rather than take them out again. They stayed with Ursula whilst I took the others over the rocks at the end. There were some black clouds approaching and the idea of running in the rain didn’t do it for me so we went back to the camping post haste.

Skinny and I returned dry and in the sunshine having purchased a slice of Spinach pie for Tony. By this time the sky had cleared and it was looking much brighter. I prepared my breakfast and took the spinach pie down for Tony while it cooked. On my return, the food was ready so I sat down to eat it before drifting off elsewhere in the warm sunshine. I’d received a phone call from Georgia saying she’d be coming to the camping later for the official handover. I went to see how Dimitris was doing with his packing up as he and Anne would be returning to Chania with Georgia in her pickup. Georgia will be around and about seeing her mother from time to time however, I suspect she will be relieved not to have to worry too much about the camping.

I spent time with the Sunday papers and printed out a replacement notice for the reception office door. I guessed Maria didn’t really need her personal mobile number to be called by prospective customers. Both the UK and Greek numbers now point to me as I have the camping mobile as well as my own. Anyone who calls one after the other expecting a different person will be in for a surprise.

The appointed time arrived and Georgia was not too late. We ran through everything in minute detail but I will be adopting the system I used last year and not actually go to the office unless there is something particular I need from there. I have also reduced the number of keys to the three I need most and will leave the others in the van. Fewer objects to dig in my legs and make holes in my trouser pockets. I shall also copy the keys and use my own copies rather than the originals.

We finished around tea time so I joined Tony, Ursula and Heidi for Tea and flap Jill (Jack was having a day off). I introduced myself to the customers on my way down. One couple, I recognised from last year. Luis was remarkably quiet having worn himself out making a racket earlier. ISO also put in a couple of appearances and will soon need to be more reliant on Ursula when Austrian Lady leaves on Tuesday morning. She plans to travel to Italy but may return to Crete in a month or so.

The sky was more threatening as we left the camping for the Evening Walk. There was no one on the Promontory as the FreeLoaders had left. It started to rain a little as we started the return leg and came down more heavily as we entered the compound gate.

Ursula slaved all day to produce a curry for supper and we discussed the best location to eat it. I went down and brought up the curry saucepan. Tony and Ursula appeared moments later with the rice and other important items. It was an extremely tasty meal and there’s even a little left over!

The chirpy things are still chirping despite their earlier soaking. In fact, a whole 1mm of rain fell. Much more than I’d suspected. The dogs, other than Skinny and Obi, were inside as we ate our curry. Ursula and Tony left to go back to Heidi and we declared the day officially over.

The mosquitoes are buzzing around my ears so I’m off to bed!


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