Rumble, rumble

The curry was excellent and seems to have worked as a sleeping draught for me and for Ursula. She reported a good nights sleep too. There were no disturbances that I know of until the alarm broke my slumbers. It was warm so I went lightly clad: it was around 20℃. I walked the first loop with the three musketeers plus Skinny, then took Oskar and Luis. They were unexpectedly enthusiastic for a change. I let them walk back to Ursula on their own whilst I studied the clouds in the eastern sky. Some were extremely dark and forbidding. Nevertheless, the final lap was completed and all but Obi and Skinny were released to follow me over the rocks to the collection point. Heidi and Ursula returned to the camping to complete important tasks.

Skinny and I set off for the bakery and a Bougatsa for Tony. This morning I had loads of small change so I think the bakery lady was pleased. We jogged back to the camping, I washed up Ursula’s saucepan and baking pan after my shower, then prepared my breakfast. There were a couple of customers I’d not managed to see the previous day so I set off to see if they were around. As it turned out, there was only one I’d not seen and he’d been at the camping for a couple of weeks earlier in January so he reminded me. By now it was breakfast time so I returned to my van to eat it.

There is a storm overhead with lots of thunder and lightning. Fido has taken refuge under my chair and Oskar is nearby next to the van. Skinny is on the decking in front of me and Luis is inside the van. Obi and Charlie have found sanctuary elsewhere. There has been a downpour which delivered 5mm rain with a little hail too. It suddenly feels a lot cooler even though my weather station reports 19.9℃.

Back to earlier – I spent much of the day in the camping chatting and doing small jobs. Very little else was achieved other than I now know where to feed the cats once Andrea AKA Austrian Lady, departs tomorrow morning. She was concerned about leaving IZO as he has become quite attached to her however I reassured her saying that he’s a survivor and there will always be someone to take care of him. Doubtless, he’ll lock-on to Ursula, Tony and Heidi until they leave but then I’m sure he’ll find someone else. I’ll see he doesn’t starve to death, and the cats…

Ursula reports that roads in Paleochora are flooded due to the downpour and I can hear and see the storm amusing itself in the mountains. The power has been on and off in Paleochora but I can see there has not been a single outage as the Instant Pot is still on. It instantly resets if the power goes off. There is a lot of lightning in the east as they seem to be getting it worse than here. I can hear passing cars splashing through the water outside the camping.

Back to earlier – It was then time for tea and the remaining flap jill. I understand that Ursula plans to make more chocolate brownies, however, an extremely large mouse managed to open the fridge door and find the chocolate she’d carefully hidden. We drank tea and munched flapjack. I left Luis with Ursula so that he could walk with Heidi. He’s been walking around the camping quite a bit today so a shorter wall will be enough and we can get on faster.

The walk completed without incident so we were back at the camping before the storm arrived. I fed the dogs then put a load of washing in the machine. I wanted to start it and let it soak for a couple of hours. I’ll then put it on the timer to finish tomorrow morning so I’ll grab it when I go to turn on the water heater.

I have the remains of Ursula’s yummy curry to eat so I suspect I may take the curry and myself inside as it not so warm out here anymore.


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