A little consolidation

Another warm morning out on the Promontory. Nothing particularly exciting other than a starry sky and a little wind. IZO accompanied Ursula and Heidi, this time on the lead. From the way my dogs were behaving, I had a feeling there was unusual. Ursula let him go once we arrived and he disappeared quite quickly, presumably back to the camping. Probably easier to have him on the lead rather than wandering at will disrupting everything. The excitement caused my first lap to complete in double-quick time however the enthusiasm didn’t spill over to Luis and Oskar and was gone for lap three. We returned to the camping with all dogs present other than Charlie who I picked up on the way back.

Skinny and I brought back some kalitsounia for Tony and I removed my washing from the machine and hung it up with the nice wooden pegs kindly supplied by Ursula. I washed not only sheets but blankets too! Getting all fired up for the Winter Bed as this warm weather cannot go on forever.

I collected some money from two sets of punters and put on washes for same. I’ve done six washes in the past two days of which two were for me. The German couple who let me try out their E-Bikes left today and I have only to take money from the final German couple who are departing tomorrow. That will leave only Ursula, Tony and I in the camping. The Belgian guy who arrived late in the afternoon said he would be continuing his E4 walk to Elafonissi tomorrow.

My day was punctuated with support activity at Inter Sport and the setting up of a new router. Various things got in the way of that so it’s not quite completed.

Later in the afternoon, I had tea with Ursula and Tony where we said goodbye to the last of the chocolate brownie. Tony, who had refused it previously made up for it today but fortunately, Ursula managed to rescue some for me! I took Skinny out onto the beach with IZO in the hope they might dash around and wear each other out however they seemed indifferent. IZO managed to chase the ball a couple of times.

I took the remainder for the Evening Walk which was under the light of the moon so very pleasurable. On our return, I decided to consolidate some of the straw umbrella tops by removing the metal frame from underneath so that they would stack on each other. I have stacked five on top of the pile of palm leaves.

It is quite windy and the waves are crashing loudly on Alonaki Beach. The forecast is for thunder, lightning and some rain by the morning however Ursula hopes it will pass by to the north. Only time will tell.


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