Departures and arrivals

This morning two German couples left and yesterday another couple too. A single Belgian, who arrived yesterday afternoon left this morning to be replaced by a single Swiss guy who’s been riding his bike around Europe for the past three years. He has been back to Switzerland a couple of times but he’s mostly on the road. He rides six days per week so covers around 2,500km per month. He says he lives from the rental from his flat in Switzerland which brings him around €900/month. He’s staying only one night here and is camped just a little to the north of me. Why he’s there, I have no idea since most people prefer to be near the sea.

The other arrivals are also Swiss and they were here back in the Spring just before I came to UK and for about a month during the winter. They have been on Crete for most of the time disappearing off home for a couple of weeks to clear up some administrative stuff. They plan to stay for one month then go up the other end of the island where they will rent an apartment for three months from December. Apparently, they’ve been eating much more fruit and vegetables since our conversations earlier in the year and only eat meat when they go out which might be once per week. They say they feel better for the change of diet.

I seem to have lost a chunk of the day to the camping and the remainder to IT work for EG and for Inter Sport. As well as that, I had a chat with Georgia who was with Manolis. Manolis has occupied an incomplete building for a few years but is now having to move out as Georgia wants to use it to create the long-awaited common room. I’ve been suggesting this for some while as there is nowhere for people to go in the evenings other than stay in their tent or van. When it’s cold and wet there is also nowhere to go during the day other than sitting outside. I discovered this when I was first here which is why I have a decking and a covered area.

The weather forecast for this morning was for around 6mm of rain at about the time we’d be walking the dogs. There was a bit of wind and plenty of distant lightning but that was about all. I managed to get the walk completed without rain and was on the point of departing with Skinny when it started to rain and to blow quite hard at one point. The rain amounted to around 0.6mm, one-tenth of that which was forecast and lasted only a few minutes. Skinny and I went on our chocolate ‘pie’ quest once it stopped, to discover the roads were only a little damp. Apparently, the Swiss guy with the bike told me it was a violent storm which lasted over thirty-minutes where he was, the like of which he’s not seen since his time in Thailand.

The temperature, which was around 23℃ for most of the night, has now gone down to 18℃ so it feels quite chilly as I sit outside writing this. I suspect I’ll be going inside to eat my supper which has recently finished cooking in the Instant Pot. I’m not feeling that hungry as I was stuffing my face with some of Ursula’s gluten-free bread which she cooked today. She says it didn’t come out quite the way she’d anticipated and puts it down to the gluten-free flour. It was still warm when I ate it with some of her apple and black(current/berry) jam. Tony and Ursula have been enjoying the excitement of DownTown Paleochora on a Friday night.

Time for supper!

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