Last one done!

It was amazingly warm as I got out of bed at 04:58. Ursula and Heidi were just ahead of us as we walked up the Promontory in nothing but moonlight. There were clouds so the moonlight was intermittent. There was enough to see where we were going despite some clouds and the sun was nearing the horizon when the moon began to disappear into a bank of cloud above the western horizon. We came back to the camping and I didn’t put on the water heater as there is still no drinking water. Plenty for the flowers but none in the bathrooms or kitchens. I came across the mother pussy who’d come for some food. I’ve been putting her bowl in a cat carrier for the past couple of days but last night I fitted the door. She obligingly entered for the small amount of food I was offering so I closed the door behind her. I then emailed Stavros to tell him there would be yet another operation to perform.

Meanwhile, Skinny and I went off to the bakery to purchase a Bougatsa for Tony and quickly return to the camping so that we could get underway. Ursula arrived with the car and we took Luis and Fido as well as Charlie to get their injections and passports updated as their passports had nearly expired. The cat box when in the boot and most of the dogs were in the back with me. Tony was cuddling Luis in the front. There was a certain amount of debris on the roads as a result of the rain on Sunday night but maybe not as much as expected. We arrived at Stavros’ surgery ahead of his expectations as he was in the middle of an operation. I left the cat and we disappeared for an hour so he could finish both operations. The prime reason for the visit was for Heidi to have her passport stamped in readiness for the return trip to UK. The mother pussy is no longer my friend as she’s not feeling very lively at present as a result of her operation. She may thank us for sparing her a lifetime of endless pregnancies – Most thanks go to Ursula for allowing so many animals to travel in her car!

We were only back at the camping a few minutes when I bumped into a Scottish man who was looking for the campsite guardian. I told him I probably fitted that description and we sorted out a place for his van. It transpired that he and his wife plus two greyhounds have Ben Lora Café which is quite near to where Emily and Johannes live near Oban in Scotland. They are only a few minutes from the airfield. From the comments of the Google reviews, they run a successful business. They are staying one night, did not seem to be phased by the lack of water or electricity tomorrow and are meeting their daughter in Paleochora.

Tea with Ursula, Tony and Peter followed and there was a delicious apple cake which had been created since our return from Maléme! We munched and talked before I left to take the dogs out for their evening walk. Tony, Ursula and Peter have gone to Paleochora for something to eat but I have a router to configure and I don’t think it’s very fair to leave the remainder of the dogs again today.

The Evening Walk was a little shorter than usual as there is rain forecast, the odd drops periodically falling and a storm approaching.

The bulk of the storm will pass over the sea but the southern tail will come to us.
As of 21:50 Tuesday

The forecast predicts 13mm (now 34mm) precipitation for this evening/tonight until 07:00 then another 20mm (now 16mm) from 07:00 tomorrow. There will also be lots of thunderstorms. Tomorrow there is planned electrical work from 09:00 to 15:00 on the grid electricity supply. At least there should be plenty of water, if only from the sky!

The update on the drinking water problem is that it is still a problem for all of Kountoura so we are not alone. We can get agricultural water from the irrigation supply so I have left a strategically-placed bucket near to the toilet cubicles. Georgia says she will come to the camping tomorrow PM. At least with no water, we have no fear of the poo tank overflowing whilst the electricity is switched off tomorrow. I shall run the generator for a bit anyway.

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