Devastation in Kountoura

There was still a great deal of dampness about underfoot when we went out this morning. It was cooler thanks to all the rain. Our walk was more lively than usual and even Luis was bursting with energy. The compacted sand makes progress far quicker which probably explains how we were done before it got light. I took them across the rocks and, due to miscalculation, some of us got our feet wet as we walked across the causeway.

Back at the camping, Skinny and I set off for the daily bakery trek. There was less skipping and dodging this morning as most of the debris from the previous day had been cleared. The lady in the bakery insisted on changing my faithful, old polythene bag which I’ve been using since the spring. Silly really as tomorrow will be the last day. Tony’s penultimate pasty was a chocolate ‘pie’. I dropped Skinny off at the compound and the pie to Ursula then went to fight the waves in the sea. It was a little demanding due to the strength of the sea and the unevenness of the sand and rock due to scouring by the waves. I was only in for less than ten minutes. The water was warm but full of kelp which stuck to me when I got out. There was no shower so I felt it better to wash in the sea rather than in a bucket of irrigation water.

My day was busy due to IT tasks and accountancy activities. I knew Georgia would be coming in so wanted to offload some of the money. To achieve this I needed to fill in the dreaded customer forms and to work out who’d paid what. It was sunny and warm whilst sitting in my chair so I might have lost concentration at some point.

Georgia’s residence was badly affected by the flooding as there is mud and moisture in her living area. A favourite sofa was affected which has been relocated to the empty building to dry naturally. Peter and I were on one end and Mr & Mrs Mop was on the other. Georgia gave instructions and cleared the way. Mrs Mop will have her work cut out in order to straighten that room out.

Peter and I wandered down to join Tony and Ursula for tea and the Final Cake. The last tea ceremony has taken place as they will be leaving early tomorrow afternoon. I took the dogs out for the Evening Walk where we followed some interesting scents making the walk more rapid than usual. On our return, we encountered Xanthippos who was lurking just inside the camping entrance with Georgia’s dogs. A certain amount of excitement ensued as two were off the lead. Xanthippos got them back under control and we parted with no apparent harm caused. He came to check that everything was ok once he’d put the dogs back inside Georgia’s house. He explained that he was very late taking them out due to all the work he’s had to do to help others after the storms.

There was a great deal of damage caused as a result of the storms. The new metal greenhouse recently erected by Μιχάλη has been seriously damaged as has Xanthippos’ house. He reckons over €10,000 damage in materials alone. Several greenhouses or polytunnels were destroyed during the recent storms. People are feeling the pain.

I went out to the sink to prepare some food to discover the water is back on. Only one tap was found to have been left on so far… Hot showers in the morning! I understand that not only had the service pipes at the treatment works and pumping station had been destroyed during the storm but also the power cables to the pumps. I should imagine the storm yesterday further contributed to the delay undoing previous work.


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