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Morning came round all of a sudden as the alarm jolted me from my sleep. I’d been up a couple of times in the night but had slept well. We were out across the field under the filtered moonlight and heading towards the Promontory as usual. Our walks went without too much complication however Luis found himself abandoned due to persistent slow progress. He was displeased and made his displeasure known however I was less affected as distance fell between us. He was still making a racket as we headed back down again. Strangely, he was far more receptive when I detached him from the Tamarisk tree which had held him captive. We headed back south and most were released to do their own thing. It was still quite dark due to clouds from the east but we headed over the rocks as usual. Just a little more slowly.

Back at the camping, I turned on the heater, fed the cats and changed to run. Manolis was already up and moving about as Skinny and I headed west towards Kountoura not to go to the bakery. Our run was fairly uneventful although there seemed to be quite a few dogs about today. I got my shower and then made breakfast after which I started a little outstanding IT job before the day progressed too far. Otherwise, I end up trying to get everything done last thing or first thing on a Monday morning. A simple matter of setting up a VPN between routers and testing connectivity.

I ate breakfast and completed my IT task then spent a while doing nothing much in particular. Later, I received a call from Georgia telling me there was someone in the camping who wanted to see me. I duly went down to discover that Manolis (Pontikakis) had brought Martha on a visit as they were driving over to Krios to see the damage caused by the previous week’s storms. Martha was looking good considering it is only about a month since her stroke and she was down for a long time. She’s not bouncing with energy but walking with a little help and able to communicate. She has some paralysis but this is not extreme and her therapists are working on it. Manolis suggested I would be pleased when she was well enough to be able to make kalitsounia again. I feel sure Martha will be strong enough to be giving out plenty of instructions by Christmas.

I chatted to the Swiss couple for a while before heading back. I noticed that Alex was hard at work and has cleaned the entrance to the camping and tidied away the benches. Manolis (not Pontikakis) has moved his caravan and erected a boundary fence around his newly allocated area. He seems to be getting on well with clearing the building shell so there is a chance of getting work started perhaps before Christmas.

Simon Lawrence emailed to say they picked up Jean’s new E-bike from London yesterday. She has acquired one of these:

This is the Moustache Samedi 27 Xroad 5 Open 2020 which has the Bosch motor found in many E-bikes. This is a step-through bike so easier to get on and off, especially for women. This bike has traditional derailleur gears and chain.

I helped to set up another e-bike when I was in Lewes back in April but she was unable to get on with it. This is a far better quality bike and it’s from the same outlet as Simon bought his. He has this:

Riese & Müller Supercharger GX with the Rohloff hub gears and the Gates CDX carbon belt drive. Belts are becoming more popular as they last much longer than chains and require no maintenance. Belts are also not oily. The Rohloff hub gear has 14 progressive ratios and is a very grownup version of the old Sturmey Archer hub gears of old.

I’m quite interested in the E-Spirit Trekking bike from Cheetah in Germany. It can be configured in many different ways including the Brose motor, Rohloff hub gear and the Gates CDX carbon belt drive.

E-Spirit trekking bike from Cheetah in Germany with options of Gates carbon belt and Rohloff hub gears. Somewhat less expensive than the Supercharger above. I’m not sure about the colour – however, it’s available in black! In case you’re interested, the battery for the motor and all the cables and gubbins is nicely hidden away in the frame tubes which is why the downtube is so fat!

The Evening Walk was slightly different due to the presence of the man with the German Shepherd who decided to go out at the same time. There was some initial tension from my lot so we stopped for a little chat to be sure that we knew how we were going to behave. Despite passing at close quarters, the dogs remained reasonably calm and our progress was not stately but deliberate. We walked around as usual although not off the lead for obvious reasons, before return to the camping for food.

Mine has been ready for a while so I shall go and eat it!


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