On their way

I was awake before time but then fell back to sleep to be woken by the alarm. Another warm night with the door open and only one blanket and a sheet. Skinny is a regular inside dog and seems to have acquired a comfortable spot on the bench at the back of the van. He joins us at bedtime as it might become a little cosy otherwise. We may need to rethink the strategy once it gets cooler.

It was quite magical walking the Promontory this morning. Moonlight interrupted only by the occasional cloud, a little wind but warm and no rain. What else could one wish for at the end of November? Skinny and I were out on the camping jogging towards Kountoura shortly after 07:00. Vlisidis was closed as we went out but Dimitris was opening up on our return.

For the past two mornings, I’ve not had to turn on the electric water heater as the water has remained warm from the previous day. Plenty of sun and only four customers in the camping so we can heat enough water with the sunshine so no point in using electricity needlessly.

I spent much of the morning updating the alternative camping website, https://camping.grammeno.eu. I had a phone call from a potential German customer enquiring whether the camping was open during the winter and threatening to arrive within the next few days.

The afternoon was taken up with EG group email tasks. I seem to be getting quite a few of these at the moment. Sometimes it’s quicker for me to simply connect to the member’s computer than send loads of emails and it’s less grief for the members too.

Richard T at Inter Sport contacted me about his emails yesterday. It was a fairly amusing problem caused by a server-side job I set up a while ago to move emails from his old to his new email account. He couldn’t understand why his emails kept coming back each time he deleted them. I traced the problem to this job which had suddenly started itself up and gone into a loop so kept pushing emails from his old account into his new one faster than he could delete them! A little like the sorcerer’s apprentice. I stopped the job and his emails now don’t return once deleted. He contacted me again today about emails being rejected by the recipient email systems. I traced that problem to server blacklisting which should be dealt with by the company that filters and delivers their mail.

Xanthippos and his helper have been busy laying concrete blocks around the perimeter of the building which is being converted into a communal area and activity centre. It seems that Georgia is serious about getting this project moving at last!

It was almost dark when we left for the Evening Walk so I let all but Skinny and Obi off the lead once we arrived on the Promontory. We stumbled over the rocks in the darkness which might not have been such a good idea but seemed so at the time.

Ursula, Tony and Heidi arrived in Ancona yesterday afternoon and are now on their way across Italy heading for France. Their route will be dictated by the snow as the car doesn’t have winter tyres so they may need to head south away from the mountains.

The weather here is looking a little damp tomorrow evening with nearly 25mm rain forecast. Sunday and Monday are also not looking that good.

The temperature has not dropped below 20℃ since yesterday.

Peace surrounds me as all cats and dogs are fed and the Instant Pot has gone click. Time for grub!


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