Smoky Joe

Rain started to fall around 20:00 yesterday so we adjourned inside. Everyone, including Obi. There was thunder and reasonable rainfall amounting to 8mm but the show was all over by 22:00. The evening was cooler due to the rain as was the night.

The morning was fairly dark as the sky was still a little cloudy and the moon is at around 20% so was struggling behind the clouds. There were a few drops of rain though hardly enough to put off such intrepid walkers. It all went to plan although Luis, who was free from very early on, sloped off for a while but managed to put in an appearance later and be on time for biscuits at the end. Unlike Luis to be missing when there’s food on offer.

I was concerned the roads would be wet and muddy however Skinny and I had an enjoyable little jog around the usual course. Nothing special to report.

There was still plenty of hot water from the previous day so I didn’t turn on the heater and we all enjoyed a warm shower. I met Peter who said he might go into Paleochora later by taxi for a mad night out and a meal. He was planning to ask the Swiss couple along too. I took more of the covers out of the washer for Mrs Mop and hung them over the benches near to the kitchen. Unless she’s been in, there is still one throw lurking in the machine.

My day was busy starting with a support call from Inter Sport with Richard Turner all in a flap about his emails. I put him straight and showed him a couple of things on his Outlook which hopefully he may pass on to the others.

I received a call from a woman who’d called Hindhead Computers and I explained that I was no longer in Hindhead so might not be able to help her. As it turned out, I spent a while sorting out her Outlook on her Mac. Interestingly, there are not that many people who offer Mac support. She seems a very pleasant lady and I’m hoping she might come back for more support at a later date. I moved towards business support but am not averse to a little private work as well. Especially as it doesn’t involve actually going anywhere.

The evening arrived so I broke off to walk the dogs on the Promontory. There was no one around as it was twilight so we had a good run over the rocks and all around. Saturn and Jupiter were clearly visible in the evening sky. We spent a few moments standing up on the highest point looking over towards Kountoura in the distance. I now know why there was a strong aroma of woodsmoke for most of the afternoon. It’s very autumnal so there has been much chainsaw activity as olives are picked and trees pruned before the winter. Whenever that is.

Today’s top temperature was 23.3℃ but it’s cooled down now to around 16℃ so we won’t be staying out here for much longer. At least the smoke makes the mosquitoes think twice!


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