AirSoft on the Promontory

No raindrops this morning only the remainder of the final quarter of the moon struggling to penetrate the hazy sky. It was darker so my headtorch was required for a little while but only on red. The dogs were initially a little slow but picked up an interesting scent whereupon they lunged forward as if one. We made it to the end of the Promontory in double-quick time and I hitched Luis, Oskar and Charlie to a bush as I continued with the others. My Exercise Ring was complete by halftime and we traversed the rocks in the darkness and returned to the camping.

The morning jog was equally uneventful as we met all the usual dogs and people. I haven’t a clue who any of the people are who bid me good-morning but they seem to know who I am. There are a couple of puppies living in the shell of a half-completed building who rush out as we approach. They want to say hello however Skinny is not terribly receptive so scares them off. He’s a little bit jealous of other dogs…

I showered and then set off for Petrakis to buy some groceries as rain is forecast for Monday and Tuesday and I don’t have enough provisions to last that long anyway. The road is coming along well and I said good morning to the two guys responsible for installing the curbing along both sides. A tedious job.

I’ve returned from discovering the cause of all the barking at the bottom of the camping. IZO was the perpetrator as I could hear but the barking miraculously stopped as I approached. It’s only 19:00 but Georgia’s dogs had joined in and Luis needs no excuse for a bark-in. Peter emerged from his van when he heard me talking to IZO and was heading to the kitchen to cook some pasta. He’s discovering the delights of walking through the camping in the darkness to cook food in the central kitchen. I recommended the Instant Pot without which I would not be. Peter is at the lower end of the learning curve so has a little way to go. He’s not experienced any cold weather nor winter winds yet. I feel he might struggle in his van. Time will doubtless tell.

Having unpacked my shopping I ate my breakfast which I’d set up to cook in my absence. It was not long before my weekly call home so I spent a little time relaxing beforehand. Mid-way through the call, a van arrived and a woman called me from reception. I’d already spotted her in the camera. She and her companion are from Estonia so have come quite a long way as Estonia is about the same latitude as northern Scotland. They have paid for one night and later used the washing machine which, incidentally, was still full of a throw I’d forgotten to remove. It is now drying over one of the benches by the kitchen. The couple seem to be settling in so may decide to stay for longer.

The remainder of the afternoon was warm and sunny so I amused myself with a couple of emails and a small job which was left over from yesterday. It was soon time for the Evening Walk.

I thought I could hear voices during the afternoon but it was when we encountered the occupants of the cars parked in the Grammeno Beach car part that my suspicions were confirmed. The AirSoft team were out ‘killing’ each other with their very realistic-looking pellet weapons. As soon as we arrived, they called out to each other to stop and then decided to call it a day and go home. I asked one of them if Antonis was amongst them and he replied that he was expected but hadn’t turned up. I suggested that Antonis’ new-found responsibilities limited his leisure opportunities. We agreed, the remainder of the team arrived from their various vantage points, and they left us to enjoy our walk. Considering they are wearing camo gear, masks and helmets, the dogs hardly uttered a sound. Something of a difference to our previous encounters.

The forecast shows rain from tomorrow evening through until Tuesday evening. If it comes to pass, it will be exceptionally boring and will interfere with my schedule. Something, as Winston Churchill, might have said, up with which I will not put! It’s still amazingly warm for the time of the year and currently 17.2℃. The high today is 23.4℃ and the low 13.8℃. It was a little cool in the night however the van door still remains open although the tent was closed up. Only Obi elected to remain out under the canopy all night as Skinny is quick to take up my offer to come inside. He just coils himself up in the corner and goes to sleep.

Ursula has just reported that they have arrived home in the wet and darkness to a non-functioning central heating system – just over one week following their departure from Crete.

Time for some food.


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