Two arrivals, no departures

Georgia’s dogs woke me at 04:20 but I must have been asleep at 22:15 so it was about time I get up anyway. I lounged decadently in bed until just before the alarm so we were crossing the field around 05:10 and on the Promontory by 05:15. There is very little moon and the sky is fairly hazy so I needed my headtorch in Red Mode to speed up progress. Otherwise, I walk more slowly as I’m likely to trip over rocks. The walk was pleasant and we were back in the camping my 06:40. I fed the cats then changed for our jog to Kountoura which was equally uneventful.

After a shower and some breakfast, I finished off a small IT job then decided I should acquaint myself with the wonderful art of SPF, DMARC and DKIM. I won’t bore you with the full titles of these but they are all to do with sending emails reliably over the Internet. In short, they are a way of certifying that an email actually comes from who it says it has and not from some naughty person attempting to impersonate another. The idea is to try to reduce spam or junk emails by enabling email servers to look up and check certain records against the digital signature within the email. It’s all frightfully clever and I have to make sure we have the correct information so that everything works as intended.

I received a call from Jimmy, who was here with his wife and two greyhounds when we had no water. He’s been staying in Paleochora as his daughter and granddaughter are here on holiday. They only wanted to empty their loo and made a generous donation to the Animal Fund in lieu of a charge. We chatted a while and I showed them some of the accommodation in case they should wish to come with there daughter and granddaughter another time. They are the couple from near Oban who run the café.

With the arrival of additional customers, I emptied the rubbish bins and put in fresh bags. I’m training the longer-term inmates to drop their garbage into the main rubbish bins outside the camping.

The Evening Walk was blustery with a few raindrops but nothing more serious. The sky has been dark on-and-off all day so I decided not to hang around longer than necessary. It will be interesting to see how things turn out in the morning. Hopefully, it’ll be all rained out by 05:00 leaving everything clean and green. But then again…

Around 40mm rain over the next couple of days.

The ladies from Estonia have decided to stay another night, a German couple with two small children and a load of washing arrived mid-morning and are up by the sliding gate to the beach. Another German couple, who phoned earlier and a couple of days ago, arrived around 16:30 and have set up next to the kitchens. Both arrivals have paid for two nights. I’m told that another German couple will be coming soon. Things are looking up.

The second arrivals called while I was out with the dogs to tell me there was no electricity from the outlet nearest them. I checked it out when I came back to find the breaker was out on the main panel at the reception. The lights have not worked for several days and they are on the same circuit. One of those jobs I’d been meaning to do. Now we have lights and power: I’ve reset the timer for lights to come on at 18:00 and go off at 23:00. Most people are tucked up with teddy by 22:30 and the lights can be a little annoying if you happen to be parked near to them. I remember sabotaging one of them in my early days at the camping. I unscrewed the lamp!

It’s still not too cold to be sitting out in the evenings but there’s a bit of tent-flapping going on so I’ll retire inside for some Sunday evening viewing and wait for my supper to finish cooking.


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