Clean and Green

Nearly 6mm precipitation fell during the hour from 03:00. This was accompanied by thunder and lightning but of an insufficient calibre to warrant properly waking up for. l remember the flashes and the rumbles but the dogs hardly stirred so I went back to sleep. It was all over by getting-up time so we could go out at 05:00 without getting wet. Very considerate weather! Large puddles adorned the field and road to the Grammeno Beach car park so we skirted around them on our way to the entrance to the Promontory. It was much darker than usual due to the distant black clouds, the fact that everything was wet and what moon remained, was invisible behind the clouds. That said, there were plenty of stars except in the areas covered by clouds which were mostly to the east. We completed our walks as normal but didn’t contemplate the walk over the rocks as it was too dark and the waves were very vigorously breaking over the causeway filling up the lagoon. Instead, we wandered around aimlessly for a while ending up at the Big Rock for reunification and biscuits.

Back at the factory, I fed the cats having put the dogs in the van then went to turn on the water heater. I tested the water which was only warm as there was only a limited amount of sunshine the previous day. Skinny and I then set off for Kountoura. It was only a short way from the camping that we encountered a German Shepherd wandering in the road. She followed us loosely past Vlisidis, past the puppies and onto the lower road through Kountoura. Skinny didn’t seem to mind the company but was a little distracted as a result. We passed the mid-way point and began our return still accompanied by our follower. She was a little phased by the three dogs later on but soon caught up again. She followed us back to the camping and sat outside my gate while I went in with Skinny. I found her outside the door when I emerged from my morning shower. A light had fallen down and smashed on the tiled floor in the central kitchen so I swept it up and replaced the rubbish bag. She followed me down to the beach where I went for a paddle and she did not and I know that she’s no retriever.

Xanthippos arrived so I asked him if he knew the owner. He said she belonged to some guy in Kountoura but took no further interest other than to say she’d go home on her own – eventually. I gave her a drink and then got on with preparing my breakfast as it was now after 09:00. I sent a photo to Antonis which he posted on FaceBook. From the reception camera, I can see that she followed the German couple as they left the camping on their E-Bikes so she may no longer be my problem. If the owner turns up, he can leave his number and we can go from there.

Very friendly and lovely but an Eating Machine!

Talking to Andreas, the later of yesterday’s arrivals about his E-Bikes, he told me they cost only €1,100 each and, on flat ground, they can cover around 60km however, he said they are already starting to fall apart and he’d buy something better next time. But, for occasional use on good roads, he reckons they’d be fine so long as they were well looked after. Apparently, they always take their two small dogs with them on outings and have baskets fastened to the rear pannier racks.

The sun shone intermittently during the morning and the beginning of the afternoon. I completed some IT tasks and a couple of calls. I wandered around looking at progress on the building upgrade and the day seemed to disappear. I had a lovely chat with the nice lady I helped with her emails on Friday and uploaded an address file for her. We got to talking about politics and then her composure slipped rather. She’s definitely not a fan of Boris, Jeremy or Nigel. She confided that Jo will get her vote but only as best of a bad bunch. She sounds a bit of a character at a mere 71 years old.

The Estonian ladies waved another €20 out of their van door as I wandered past so it would seem they’re staying another night. No one else has arrived nor left. There was a heavy downpour around 17:00 so we didn’t go for the Evening Walk until 18:30 and managed to get back only just in time to avoid a serious soaking. We ran across the field and straight into the van. Skinny was on the loose but arrived at the van at the same time as the rest.

The moisture count for today stands at 11.4mm. The top temperature is 21.9℃ and the current temperature is 15.1℃. Tomorrow’s forecast is more of the same. I’m probably going inside with the dogs and wait for my dinner to finish cooking.


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