The Earth moved for me as I was preparing my breakfast. In this location, the quake was so mild that others didn’t even notice. Having read the comments on LastQuake, the seismic website, I can see that it was not the same for everyone.

The night was far from peaceful. I’d decided Isabella should spend the night in her crate under the canopy on the decking. We’d been watching the Box for a while and the heating was on again as I had soggy dogs and it was 15C outside and not much warmer inside. The evening was not without tension as Isabella had been making her presence felt most of the day and the inside of the van is a more confined space. She does not understand the finer points of taking the space of the others but on the whole, they responded reasonably. At bedtime, we went for a short walk around the camping which was reminiscent of the bedtime walks I used to do when Fido and Luis were puppies. I used to take the four puppies with Dave and Boris for a short walk up the beach at bedtime, the purpose was obvious.

The Early Walk with a small puppy who is not used to walking as a group can be problematic. Liability also springs to mind as a good description. We managed the walk without undue difficulties and returned to base. I had to remind Oskar and Luis not to be too heavyhanded when dealing with Isabella however we were all somewhat less than impressed with her nocturnal noise session. I cannot believe how such a small dog can produce so much noise for such a long time!

After our outing to Koundoura and a shower for me, I put my breakfast in the Instant Pot and took Skinny and Isabella for another walk around the Promontory. The aim was to make her so tired she’ll sleep for a week! Skinny didn’t hang around long and I eventually found him playing with IZO in front of the gate into the camping from the beach. Isabella and I did some more challenging activities along the lines of those I used to do when Charlier, Oskar and Heidi were puppies. All very character forming. I chatted to the German couple with the baby and small boy and they have decided to extend their stay another day. The other German couple with the small dogs paid for their extra night then left to go to Camping Elizabeth on their way back to Iraklion to catch the ferry to Piraeus. From there, they plan to visit Athens and also the Peloponnese before returning to Germany via Igoumenitsa via the ferry to Italy.

Xanthippos appeared to be working alone today and Georgia put in an appearance in the afternoon although I didn’t see her. My day was taken up with researching and then setting up a Cryptocurrency account in order to transfer money to a Russian guy who is doing some website work for me. Getting money into and out of Russia is no problem with Crypto as no one can trace it or interfere in any way. There are not the safeguards or get-out facilities provided by banks as currency is transferred anonymously to an account which is simply a series of characters!

0x352712d3dbe2537c866A0563e49B976cFeee723d for example.

You can imagine that governments are pretty miffed as they cannot get their grubby hands on the proceeds of the transaction for taxation or other purposes. It works like this: you change Pounds, Euros, Dollars or whatever into the cryptocurrency which is then relayed to the recipient. It can then be translated back to a currency of your choice or simply used to make other purchases, pay for bills or services. There are no bank charges and you can move as much as you have in your electronic wallet. You have to be careful as there is no one to talk to if things go wrong or you make a mistake. In any event, the transaction will not take place if there is any error in the system as the entire process is all to do with numbers and codes which must all tie up to allow the transaction to proceed.

Later, I took Isabella for a couple of walks to see the customers by the beach to tell them the water was back on and there was plenty of hot water for showers. The couple with the kids found only vaguely warm water yesterday afternoon and there was none at all this morning. Some more work was taking place at the treatment and pumping works I should imagine.

The Evening Walk was attended by all including a reluctant Isabella who kept sitting down at every opportunity. We returned with Skinny and Charlie still on the loose whereupon I fed Isabella in her crate so I could get on with the others. Skinny arrived back at the same time as everyone else and I found Charlie at the field gate sometime later.

Skinny led the charge to go inside and is there with all bar Obi and Isabella who is asleep on a blanket in the middle of the awning area. Obi is doubtless lurking under the decking.

I think my supper is nearly ready to eat so I shall retreat inside to consume it.


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