Happy Thanksgiving 2019!

In the USA today, most Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving with the traditional family meal of turkey, green beans, pumpkin pie and all the trimmings. I’m sure all the turkey farmers are truly grateful that the tradition continues although the turkeys may think differently. Tomorrow is Black Friday where businesses offer discounts and sales encouraging hoards of crazed shoppers to come to blows over the best bargains. Fortunately for us all, the Black Friday phenomenon, like the Junior Prom, has been made available outside the US for others to enjoy. And Christmas shopping is yet to come!

A short shower started as we were about to leave so we waited a few moments for it to pass. I’d decided not to take Isabella out with the others on the Early Walk as she is a bit of a liability at present. Instead, I took all but her and then returned to swap her for Oskar, Charlie and Luis. The others are more enthusiastic walkers so could go round again. The end of the second walk involved clearing some of the rubbish off the Big Beach and piling it up for later disposal. The recent storms have deposited a great deal of plastic on the beaches. I collected together a good selection including a sizeable mass of discarded fishing net.

There have been several short walks today in an attempt to keep Isabella perpetually tired. As I write, she’s fast asleep at the rear of the van. I can tell when I’m winning because she always sits down whenever she has the opportunity. We’ve wandered around the camping several times whether she was up for it or not. I’m not going to leave her behind with the others as I have no idea what she might get up to in my absence. She has a knack of annoying the other dogs but they are mostly tolerant towards her but experience shows that things can soon get out of hand. I tell her off for annoying them and so do they. So long as their response is proportional to her level of annoyance, then it’s acceptable. I try to play with her at least once every hour and take her for a walk three or four times each day. She was much quieter last night than the first. She still made plenty of noise just that she stopped after a few minutes and went to sleep. She made more racket at 03:00 so I let her out to be rewarded with a lovely poo and a wee in the right place. Whether we have the same level of success tonight remains to be seen.

Other than amuse the puppy, collect and remove rubbish from the beach, change the rubbish bags, vacuum the van and mop the floor and fit in a little IT work, the day has been generally relaxing. The sun has shone quite convincingly and I might even have been tempted to change into a lighter pair of shorts at one point. The sky clouded over as the day progressed with darker clouds appearing from over the mountains by sunset. The high is nearly 23℃ and the low 14.3℃. There were a few drops of rain while we were out on the Early Walk as well as the false start. The forecast for tonight is a 40% chance of rain at 05:00 which would be more than annoying. I shall have to keep an eye on that for the morning. I see the sliver of the new moon joined us this evening together with Jupiter and Saturn

Our German family, who came for a couple of nights, have moved their van parallel to the restaurant area and extended their awning for their fifth night. They must like it here. The decked area of the restaurant is very useful to them however it’s pretty useless if it rains as the rain can blow in from the sides and the roof is less than totally reliable.

Charlie and Obi are somewhere outside, Fido is trying out the new sleeping accommodation I set up earlier which is the raised area above the gas locker which would be next to the passenger seat if there was one. Isabella is asleep at the rear. Skinny is curled up asleep on the blankets in the middle of the floor and Luis and Oskar are asleep next to or under my chair. It’s still warm enough to be comfortable outside although most of the tent door is closed and what wind there is blows mostly from the southwest.

I don’t think I’ll be later to bed…


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