Kamikaze Luis

Isabella settled more quickly although we needed to endure some short-term wailing to begin with. I was up in the night a couple of times for calls of nature. Mine as well as hers although I wouldn’t have been wandering around outside if given the choice. Fortunately, the night was reasonably warm so I was able to get back to sleep fairly quickly.

We used the same system as yesterday. Six dogs out, three returned and Isabella taken with Fido, Skinny and Obi. Our walks were quite uneventful so we were back in the camping just after 07:00. I fed cats and turned on water heaters and went off with Skinny on our daily jaunt.

I put my breakfast into the Instant Pot then headed out for a solo walk with Isabella at her pace so she was not distracted by other dogs and could enjoy a little quality time. We did a little more rubbish collection so between us we’ve picked up much of the larger items from Grammeno Beach and nearly everything from the Big Beach on the Promontory. When I talk about ‘Grammeno Beach’ I refer to the section from the carpark to Delino restaurant and not the entire beach frontage past Houmas and beyond. There was one winter that I cleared the rubbish from Houmas to the west end of the bay. I made a great heap under a tree and some nice person came and picked it all up. It was when I used to take the dogs westwards before there were so many goats.

I’d been quite busy workwise most of the week so I was not worried by having little to do. I sent an email to my man Stanislav and sent him the second part of his money. I’m still hopeful he will be able to complete all the work that’s required. Not so easy when he’s in Russia and I’m in Greece.

I took time out to do a little more E-Bike research and to watch a few more reviews on YouTube. There are so many bikes to choose from over a wide price range. My viewing was interrupted by a couple of support calls, one from a person who lives in Glebe Close!

I played with Isabella so that she wouldn’t annoy the others and then took her for a walk accompanied by Luis who I let off the lead quite early on. I’m sick of all the rubbish stuck on the verges and in the fence which I have to pass each time I walk the dogs. I decided to pick up one section at a time to tidy it up a little. It will never look beautiful but at least it’s now slightly less untidy. Luis was ahead of me and generally racing around. It was then I noticed the impending arrival of Xanthippos out walking Georgia’s dogs as I turned the corner of the fence by Ammos Beach Bar. I was unable to grab Luis who decided to perform a kamikaze attack on all three of the dogs. Xanthippos was doing his best to prevent the dogs from dismembering Luis who’d taken on three dogs physically much bigger than him. It’s important to remember though that Luis is an extremely large and powerful dog: in his mind at least! I managed to extract him from the clutches of the other dogs but he might be feeling a little sore later. He’s taken himself off into the van with Fido and Charlie.

The Evening Walk was interesting but complicated by the arrival of an English couple with a motorhome and two greyhounds. I think I’ve seen them around on some other occasion. They attended the PAWS meeting yesterday evening as they live in Paleochora. It transpires that PAWS are in need of some new facilities as one piece of land is no longer available to them and the puppy village near the port is scheduled for building construction. I had to talk to the couple as Isabella had locked onto them and gone AWOL. I ended up taking Skinny to meet the greyhounds but left the others tied to a tree as they were extremely excited and any semblance of a conversation would have been out of the question. I eventually retrieve Isabella and went back to detach the others from the tree.

We eventually had our walk. Most were off the lead for some of it: we didn’t walk the rocks as it was too dark and Isabella is starting to get the hang of group walks.

We’re now at the eating part of the day. I’ve fed the cats who were marching up and down in protest and now it’s time to feed myself!


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