I bought a bike!

Whilst sitting on the loo, as one does, I was browsing my emails to discover another reminder from RadPower Bikes that my shopping cart was ready to check out. I clicked the link which took me to their web page, checked out and paid with my debit card. All from the comfort of the loo!

RadPower RadRhino E-Bike €1,500 on a special Cyber Monday deal

I was up once in the night sometime around 03:00 as this appears to be a favourite time. I let Isabella out of her cage and directed her towards the door of the tent. She went straight down the steps from the decking to the ground, did her wee and came straight back and into her cage and I went back to bed: all in the space of about two minutes.

The next time was 04:40 so I decided to call it a night and to get up. Our walks were very pleasant other than Isabella pulling on the leads of the other dogs. She appears a little slow at changing her behaviour. The sky was clear and the stars shone brightly as we completed our circuits and headed back to the camping. Obi was with us today as I took him again on the second walk. It was much cooler than yesterday but not enough to warrant a coat.

Our jog to Koundoura was invigorating due to the drop in temperature and I’m sure we were back more quickly than yesterday. A very hot shower and breakfast in the Pot so I took Isabella out once again on another short walk. My breakfast was nearly ready when we got back so I sat down and reviewed my emails. It appears that Barbarbara in Melbourne got herself in a muddle with one of the new websites for EG and couldn’t discover a way to log back in. We chatted on the phone later and I think I managed to find her a satisfactory solution.

For a Monday morning, it was very quiet so I took time to catch up on the news and to enjoy the sun. The dogs were making good use of the warmth and spent their time snoozing in various locations.

The heating contractors didn’t turn up as I was anticipating so I wandered over and locked the door. It was only later that I saw their van arrive, via the reception camera, so I went and opened up for them. A total lack of communication – I might have gone to town for the morning or been out for the day!

Later, I went down to see Peter and took Isabella on one of her short walks so that she could spend time associating with IZO. I told Peter I’d ordered a bike then we discussed the possibility of maybe getting a few more to rent out to the customers. Assuming the bike lives up to expectations and Georgia is up for it. Grammeno used to have rental bikes but I suspect they were cheap and nasty and were allowed to fall into disrepair like everything else. We’d need to look into it much more deeply and check out the numbers to see if it’s worth it.

It became more cloudy as the day progressed but it was still over 30℃ in the tent and 21.7℃ outside as opposed to something like 9℃ in Melbourne! The temperature falls quickly once the sun disappears behind the buildings and is now 14.4℃ which is, so far, the minimum for today.

Only another three weeks and it’ll be the shortest day of the year and then downhill all the way to summer. Bearing in mind, of course, that it doesn’t start to get lighter earlier in the morning until 14 January even though the days start to get very slightly longer after the Solstice.

As the sky has been clearer recently, it’s been possible to get a good view of the morning and evening planets. The evening planets today are Venus, Jupiter and Saturn and the morning Mars and Mercury. In many ways, the evening is better as the sun has set and so the light is bouncing off the atmosphere from over the horizon making the planets stand out the further the sun moves away. In the morning, the sky gets progressively lighter so making the planets harder to see. Naturally, we all recognise that the sun is doing nothing of the sort as the Earth, together with the other planets, are in orbit around it.

My feet are getting cold, my supper is cooked so now seems like a good time to go inside.

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