Rumble, rumble again

The day has been punctuated by a series of earthquakes the first of which was around 10:45 and the strongest. So far, there have been eighteen quakes on or near Crete however we have felt only about five of them. The strongest, the first, was only 18km southeast of Paleochora. By the look of the testimonials, it was more strongly felt in other parts of the island. Sometimes, it just works that way. We’ve not had any earthquakes in this part of the island for over a year so it’s good we are getting some now. Much better to have a bunch of small ones than a very big one. As the actress…

The remainder of the day has been warm and sunny and, thankfully, the wind has now dropped making it seem a lot warmer. The Early Walk was quite chilly so I even resorted to a coat. More to keep the wind off than anything else. I was wearing it this evening but I didn’t really need it as the wind had dropped.

Georgia came to the camping to inspect progress in the conversion work and the construction of a canopy for the generator. This may help to deaden some of the sound, which I’m sure the neighbours across the road will appreciate, as well as keep off the worst of the rain and prolong the life of the machine. Whilst Georgia was here, I asked her if I could move the wireless camera from the kitchen to the outside to help cover the lower section of the camping and I have installed an additional camera at the front of reception pointing down the drive towards the south. The only slight side-effect of this is that the infra-red nighttime light from one camera is visible in the other. However, I don’t think this is a major flaw.

Peter was ordering an identical bike from Rad Power Bikes when I took Isabella for a walk around the camping. If we’d ordered at the same time, we’d have saved €75 each as there is a discount for ordering two bikes. It will be interesting to see how long the bikes take to be delivered and whether there is any appreciable difference in the delivery times. So far, the DHL website has not been updated and still contains the original information. I’m hoping they’ll update it so that I can chase up the delivery when it arrives in Crete or they’ll hang onto it forever and a day if left to their own devices.

Isabella has met Georgia who now knows her name. Georgia commented that she will most likely develop into quite a big dog. She is currently eating only half a scoop less than Skinny, who has three. The others get either one-and-a-half or two if you’re Oskar. I feed her the same amount as the Brown Dogs and Charlie in the evening and then one more scoop in the morning. It seems to be taking effect as she appears to be growing some legs. She was having a bit of a panic when I was up the ladder installing the additional camera at the reception in the same way as she did when I disappeared into the sea. She got the hang of it all after a while though.

Isabella relaxing on a rug.

I received an email from the Finnish couple enquiring if the camping is still standing as they had heard there’d been earthquakes. I assured them there were no problems and was looking forward to seeing them when they arrive on Tuesday afternoon. We could do with some more customers in the camping as it’s looking a little bare at present.

Time for tea!

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