The last of The Weather?

The Evening Walk did not take place so Isabella was full of beans having slept for quite a bit of the day. I’d settled down to watch the last part of Gosford Park and the first episode of The Crown as recommended by Ursula. Isabella was sleeping but then woke up and started to be destructive or bug the others, mostly Fido. I took her for a walk around the camping and down to the beach. She walked and performed as expected then chased some of the cats just for a change. We went back inside the van but she still had ants in her pants so I gave her a chew and put her to bed. Everything was wonderfully quiet until the chew was devoured but she got the message and finally went to sleep. I let her out around 00:30 and couldn’t be bothered to hang around to put her back into her cage hoping she’d sleep in my chair and not be destructive. The only evidence this morning was a Jiffy bag with the contents strewn over the floor and nothing else discovered so far…

I made sure everyone was present and correct for the Early Walk. We did two circuits with everyone, three with Skinny, Obi and Fido and then one with everybody. Isabella was omnipresent. We’d walked around 6km when we got back to the camping. She has some food and then slept whilst I was out.

Skinny and I trotted off to Kountoura in the hope of beating the rain. We stopped at Vlisidis as the fridge was bare so I have enough to keep me going for a couple of days. I’ll need to go to Petrakis fairly soon but am ever hopeful that my new bike will turn up. My old one has a puncture in the back tyre and no mudguards so not the thing for riding over the muddy, sloshy roadworks into town after several days of rain.

I got to the shower just before the rain started and it conveniently stopped when I wanted to walk back. I left the immersion heater on as I knew there would be no sun and expected the boiler to be out of service for a few days. I heated up 200L to 60℃ enough for everyone in the camping to get a decent shower.

I prepared and ate breakfast as the showers and wind continued outside. There was a break so I could take Isabella for a quick walk before my weekly phonecall. We chatted until I spotted the arrival of the heating engineers so went to open the door for them to fix the boiler. They had the correct part so we’re back to normal!

Showers, thunder and lightning with sunny spells punctuated the afternoon and there was even a slightly extended warm spell which was a relief. Since then, more of the same.

A view through the cameras during a storm. You can see from the timestamp when it was taken. The camping not at its best!

The lightning situation as of 16:35

There are more storms on the way as can been seen from the image. I’m unoptimistic about an Evening Walk as I don’t want to get caught out in the rain and have six wet dogs in the van with me all evening. Maybe I’ll take Isabella on a walk of her own which will not stray far from the camping. She needs to have some energy drained off or no one will get any peace this evening.

There was no Evening Walk except for Isabella who enjoyed a quick spin around the Promontory following some excitement caused by stick-throwing for the Bull Terrier in T1. They didn’t stay out on the beach for long as it was rather cold.

We came back to the camping to check the boiler was still functioning and to set up some timer programming so that it’s not heating water throughout the night. Hopefully, my programming will work tomorrow morning but I shall be the first to shower anyway. The boiler’s language list consists of English only and I’ve downloaded the instructions in English.

The dogs are fed, Luis is snoring next to me and we are inside except for Obi who seems to prefer his own company outside under the van! Was it something we said?

I didn’t remember to cook my beans earlier so am waiting for the Pot to do its thing. Once the beans are cooked I shall put on some rice and add tomatoes, onion, garlic and pepper to the beans and put it in the pot together but separately. By putting the rice in the lower container it will cook properly as the beans and tomatoes don’t require much cooking.

The rain can be heard on the metal roof above and the present rain score is exactly 14mm. I wouldn’t want to be sleeping underneath the van tonight as the temperature is 13℃ outside. Nearer to 20℃ inside.


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