Surf’s up!

At last, the rain has stopped and we enjoyed a good walk on the Promontory, some 7.23km to be precise. There was the moon, it was not windy, only a few raindrops and it was mild. What more could one wish? Just me and my dogs to enjoy the solitude of a Sunday morning to admire the arrival of dawn and the eventual rise of the sun. We were back at little later but there were few appointments in the calendar so it didn’t matter.

I gave Isabella, who’d collapsed into a momentary heap after all the walking, a bowl of food then Skinny and I headed westwards to Kountoura. The surf was up as I could see in the distance as there is a beautiful bay with wonderful conditions for surfing, We were soon passed by a couple of vehicles laden with boards and chunky young people within. There was a surfing school van parked near to the beach as well as a smart pickup which was parked down there too.

We completed our morning jog, and I went for a shower. I’d inspected the boiler earlier to ensure there was hot water as I wasn’t sure how my scheduling settings had worked out. I discovered later in the day that the boiler has been set up so that the central heating side is used as the main heat source for the hot water so programming the hot water had no effect. I also discovered there is a program for the same thing each day after I diligently went through seven days entering identical information. My shower was great and I was met by the mother of the couple with the small baby and rescue dog. She had laundry for the machine so we went and started it off.

I was getting my breakfast ready when my telephone rang. It was Damian who is in Z6 with his wife. They wanted the washing machine as well. As soon as the weather improves, out comes the laundry. Then Yiannis, the heating engineer, who was in the camping for another purpose, wanted to check the boiler. In all, I spent quite a bit of time wandering back and forth. I felt I might as well empty the rubbish as well seeing as I was passing that way.

The Swiss couple were also leaving after their five-week stay so I needed to collect their money and say goodbye. They are heading to Ierapetra where they have rented a flat through the winter. Their van is a little small for two people if the weather is unpredictable and wintery so a flat seems like the way to go. They tell me they’ll return to Grammeno in March and gave a generous donation to the animal fund.

I’d planned to do very little today but with all the interruptions I gave up on that idea. In the afternoon, I went for a chat with Peter where he introduced me to the Rad Power delivery tracking website. The site I’d been using was pretty unsatisfactory and gave meaningless information. I now know that my bike has left Eindhoven, arrived in Budapest Hungary followed by Sofia in Bulgaria. It has departed the depot in Athens so will hopefully arrive in Iraklion tomorrow.

We then took Isabella and Fido for a walk on the Promontory. I take Fido as he seems to tolerate Isabella well and they appear to have a good understanding. There were other people and other dogs around but Fido is fairly sensible and obedient unlike many of the others. We crossed the rocky causeway which was still being swept by waves but nothing like it was earlier in the day. Isabella hesitated and got in a flap, Peter went to rescue her and a wave came. Both Peter and Isabella got wet, Isabella more than Peter due to her proximity to the ground. We were both wearing shorts so our clothes remained dry.

The day was cooling down so I gathered up all of the dogs and headed back out onto the Promontory for the first Evening Walk in a few days. We walked the rocks and were heading back. I could feel a disturbance in the Force due to the way the dogs were reacting. The couple with the baby were out with their dog for an evening stroll. My dogs were on the lead so it was just a matter of calming Luis down as he goes from zero to sixty faster than even a Tesla electric car! He is a registered head-case!

We, or rather they, are fed and waiting for me to let them inside where we will spend the rest of the evening. It’s still warm outside so I’m writing in my chair under the canopy. My food is ready as I am to eat it!


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