Monday, washing day

There was a lovely moon and it was still and dry as we went for our early walk which amounted to 7.55km today. I just felt like going the extra mile or kilometre in this case. Isabella stuck with us all the way but is paying the price now. She could have opted out and stuck with Oskar, Luis and Charlie but persevered. It was a long walk so we didn’t get back until 07:20. I fed the cats and checked the water heater was indeed heating following my revised programming attempts the previous day.

Skinny and I toddled off direction Kountoura and had an uneventful trot round. We were a little later so there was more traffic around. I look forward to the completion of the new road and the designated cycle and pedestrian path from Grammeno to Kountoura. It will be more picturesque as well as not having to hop in and out of puddles whilst avoiding mud.

I went for a shower and filled the washing machine with my clothes. They were not hung up as quickly as I may have wished so are not completely dry. Added to that the recent rain and the consequent high humidity it’s not surprising.

Breakfast followed and then another load in the machine for the couple with the baby and rescue dog. It looks as though they will be staying for a week seeing as their three nights ran out two nights ago.

The Albanian/Greek/English couple in T1 left and we had one final play with their dog on the beach beforehand. It was a beautiful day so the beach was the place to be. There is quite a lot of cleaning up to do as a result of the strong winds and waves. I need to get out there and have a go at it.

My bike has made it as far as Iraklion so I sent an email to DHL to ask them to deliver it to me as the message on the tracking site is that the recipient is going to collect. DHL usually hand off their deliveries to this side of the island to ACS, another courier company. I’m up for that as I don’t want it going on the bus as that creates logistical problems for me.

There was a support call from Sue at Inter Sport otherwise Monday was quiet. I don’t seem to have done much other than laundry and mess around with dogs. The Finns swapped €275 for their passport so they are paid up until the beginning of January. They have been over to the other side of the island and say they may have difficulty with their van’s brakes. I said I’d find my cunning tool for undoing the wheel nuts and we’ll play nicely together.

Peter, IZO, Isabella and I went for a jolly stroll on the Promontory as we did yesterday but without Peter or Isabella having to get washed in the sea. IZO was particularly protective of Peter today and was overwhelmingly bouncy and needy. Peter will have to work that out for himself.

The Evening Walk was uneventful and Isabella opted out by staying behind and sleeping on her blanket. I think she’s quite tired as all good puppies should be in order to reduce their mischief-making.

I have a large soppy white dog in front of me who wants to go inside. My supper is cooked so I’m in favour of that too.

22.2℃ and nearly 30℃ inside at one point!. The temperature indicated is the current so I can understand why Skinny wants to go in!


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