Where’s my bike?

There were two absentees on the Early Walk today, Luis and Isabella. They were absent out of choice: Luis emerged from the van, went for a wee then went back inside. Isabella started to follow us up the path then evaporated back to the comfort of a blanket under the awning. The others had a shorter walk than the previous day as I suspected I might have to do some extras during the day.

Skinny and I ran to Kountoura as usual and we are pleased to report that the ground is drying out and some of the noisy dogs en route are a little quieter. On our return, I went for a shower and was joined by Isabella who had now recovered her strength. She actually seems to like going in the shower!

I put on my breakfast then wandered down with my little shadow to pick up some of the plastic blown up on the beach during the recent weather. I was wandering for around twenty minutes and got quite a good amount. I’ve left the bag by the entrance gate to the camping so that others can add to it each time they go out for a walk.

After breakfast, I decided to chase up the delivery of my bike. I’d previously sent a message on the main DHL website contact form but not yet received a reply. I decided to email someone I’d contacted previously regarding another consignment. The morning came and went but nothing from DHL. I phoned the Iraklion office who referred me to Chania even though their tracking website says the consignment was in Heraklion. Chania were not answering their telephone so I called the central office in Athens who immediately sent an email to the Chania office asking them to contact me. About twenty minutes later I received a call from the Chania office to say they had a consignment for me. I had the foresight to ask about the size and weight of the items to discover the two packages contained only the accessories I’d ordered with the bike. I suggested there was little point in forwarding those items as they were useless without the actual bike. The guy told me that sometimes all the items in a consignment arrive at different times. I saw no point in going through the pain of two deliveries. So, that’s where we are now.

The afternoon was warm and sunny so my washing is all dried, folded and put away. I still have far too much stuff so more needs putting away in vacuum bags for the winter.

Peter and I took Luis and Isabella for a walk around the Promontory having ensured that Georgia’s dogs had been walked. It was pleasant and warm and we bumped into the Germans with their baby son and dog. Luis was Luis so I had to put him on the lead. Not helped by the fact their dog is in season. All dogs now spend a lot of times sniffing every blade of grass on each walk.

I swapped Luis for the others but was surprised when Isabella elected to come out again. Luis, I locked in the van so he moaned a bit but then went to sleep. It was dusky when we returned and is now quite dark. It was cool last night with a low of 12.6℃ so the van door was closed and the duvet is on! It’s cool and humid now as water is already condensing on the metal roof to drip onto the decking outside.

I think my supper is almost ready!


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