My bike has arrived!

Luis again declined the Early Walk retreating back into the van in solitude. Isabella was more interested today however she spent a bit of time with Fido who I let off his lead early on. I took everyone on one circuit then left Oskar and Charlie continuing with Obi and Skinny as Isabella had, by now, decided Fido was better company. We all did a final lap together and then over the rocks as the grand finale. Back at the camping, Luis was complaining about being home alone but I quickly dispensed with those present, Oskar and Charlie not being among them. Fido and Obi joined Luis inside and Charlie appeared a little later. I went to feed the cats and to check the boiler was on schedule. I arrived moments before 07:00 to witness it bursting into life. On my way back I met Sascha who’d arrived around midnight. I was looking at a distant and unusual light earlier and that was why. He’s here for a few days to tie up his property purchase and deal with his contractor. I showed him what was going on in the camping and he offered to take me to Petrakis. I ran Skinny and then we set off into town. I took advantage of the trip to buy heavy stuff as I had little idea when next I’d be going in. In fact, I’d planned to go to Vlisidis on my way back with Skinny.

Just as I put the Pot on with my breakfast, the power went off and Xanthippos thought it might be down to him as he was working with a welder. There was a general power cut as the neighbours were off too. It resumed quickly as it was just a quick line job down the road somewhere so very local. I ate breakfast and emailed the guy at DHL in Chania to say that I had the offer of a trip to Chania so could collect my bike. He told me the accessories and spares were with DHL but the bike was with another company. He said he’d find out where it was and get back to me. Sascha had offered to take me to Chania when he visits his solicitor on Friday. I got on with other things until the phone rang and I was told the bike was on its way and would be with me in around thirty minutes. I took Isabella with me up to the reception office to wait for the delivery.

Georgia drove into the camping and parked by the entrance barrier. She was soon joined by Xanthippos. She said she’d take back the camping’s mobile as most of the calls were from Greek numbers so I went off to recover it. I’d made some setting changes so needed to change these back too. I returned to the reception only a few minutes later, to discover a box on the concrete area outside. Georgia and I discussed some matters and then I decided to open the box. Xanthippos helped me to assemble the bike aided and abetted by Georgia who appeared very impressed by it. She took a series of photos which she forwarded to her nephew for comment. The battery was flat and all the nuts and bolts needed checking and tightening so riding today was motor-free and just around the camping. Peter came up to check it out and both he and Sascha have had a ride but without motor assistance. The DHL man said he’d send the other items with ACS so they may arrive either tomorrow or Friday.

As well as Georgia, the bike and Xanthippos, I had plenty of support calls so it’s been rather a manic day. Added to that I’ve been on the go all the time and didn’t sleep that well due to various doggy-related disturbances. Once was Isabella for a wee, then there was IZO making a din around 03:15 followed by Luis who had ants in his pants and seemed completely unable to settle.

We all went out together as the sun was setting. Isabella played vigorously with both Luis and Charlie. They are actually playing together although there is quite a bit of noise it’s friendly, like boys joshing together, rather than aggressive as before. Isabella is also able to go off and spend time on her own so no longer goes into a complete meltdown as soon as I go out of sight. She’s becoming more independent and more confident which is definitely a good thing. She got left behind as we walked over the rocks this evening and was making a fuss as we’d left her behind. Luis and Fido went back to find her and to escort her back with the others.

As of now, I can hear IZO making a racket in the Grammeno Beach car park. Perhaps that will help him and us to sleep better tonight.

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