Bike outings

It was another rather interrupted night so I managed to be standing for each hour from midnight. The fact that I went to bed around 21:00 and was asleep soon thereafter suggested I had enough sleep. Isabella needed letting out twice and the other times were because I just happened to wake up or because I ate a meal with a high liquid content prior to retiring.

The Early Walk was entertaining and with a full compliment. Even Luis managed to drag himself out today. Isabella spent a lot of time ragging with the others who responded in a mostly playful way. Even Luis managed to be slightly less unforgiving than usual. I wanted to get into the post office to collect a couple of parcels: one for me and one for Peter. I suspected mine contained a seat and seat post for my new bike which I was keen to have. I cycled in on my new bike so managed to collect a little dirt and mud on the way which helped to get rid of the new bike look. The post office was not busy but there was one woman on the counter who wasn’t rushing. I removed the items from their huge boxes, disposed of the boxes and packing into the recycling and put the items in my bag. Peter’s was merely a small packet so was stuffed into one of the pockets. I went next to the hardware store to replace the key I’d bent when I fell over Isabella on the Promontory and took a rest on the sand. There was a bit of a queue at the shop but I passed the time chatting to the son of the family which owns Third Eye restaurant. He’s involved in some upgrade work so required sand. I got me key then headed back to the camping.

It was time for breakfast so I put it in the Pot and then started to put together the seat and seat post. I saw a van pull up outside the office so rushed up to receive my spare tyre, tube, brake pads and panniers which he’d kindly deposited at the door. I unpacked them there so that the packaging could go straight into the recycling bin outside the camping. My breakfast was ready so I went back to eat it.

Peter had gone to Paleochora by taxis the previous evening for a bit of time out but ended up staying the night as he was unable to get the taxi to take him back to Grammeno. He went out on the bike and had a good run in the mountains whilst I caught up with some admin work. He went some thirty-seven kilometres added to my nine to Paleochora. He enjoyed his ride and returned full of enthusiasm for the arrival of his bike. He thinks that having support on the hills will enable him to ride more and to get fitter. He went back to his van and I went out for a little ride to try out the new seat and seat post. The original seat was very hard and the seat post was just a metal one. I now have a softer saddle and a suspension seat post. Much more comfortable!

We ended up having a chat with the Germans who went on a quick e-bike spin around the camping. They say they need another bike as towing their child trailer over anything but flat terrain is extremely hard work.

It was getting dark but we spent time pumping up the tyres which were somewhat lower in pressure than they should have been. We both suspected they were soggier than they should have been. Peter has this really handy electric pump which he bought for his motorbike but it does a great job with fat-bike tyres. It also has a light which was handy as it was getting dark.

I went back to the dogs who were very pleased to see me as a result of some rather extended absences today. We had our walk and they’ve eaten their food so it’s very peaceful at the moment!

The bike battery is charging, my food is cooking and I’m hungry after all my exertions.


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