Loo rolls

Luis declined to join us for the Early Walk as he went back into the van of his own accord and was unwilling to come out. I closed the gate and left him to it. The others were ready to go and Isabella was bouncing around between Fido and Charlie making things difficult as we walked towards the Promontory. It was all playful stuff so I allowed it to continue for a while but increased the pace to make it more difficult. Isabella then picked up a thin stick and ran with it.

The moon was hidden behind the clouds today although just about enough light shone through to be able to see. Oskar tried to opt out of the first circuit but I persuaded him otherwise. I left him and Charlie for 2+3 taking only Skinny and Obi with tag-along at the rear, front, sides and diagonally. Fido was busy elsewhere until the final circuit. Letting him free acts as a decoy so that Isabella exerts most of her effort pestering him rather than the ones I’m trying to walk. Fido usually follows along and takes enough exercise on his own anyway.

Luis, meanwhile, was making a song-and-dance of being left alone despite the choice being his. Shutting the outer door to the van would have been a cunning plan however I doubt anyone was disturbed by his antics. Oskar was absent at the end so we didn’t see him again until I was back with Skinny. I left him a while to cool his heels before allowing him into the van with the others.

Skinny and I disappeared towards Kountoura for our daily visit. It was warmer so no outer garment was required and I took off my hat early on. The nice lady from the bakery was outside talking to someone as we passed.

I showered and set my breakfast going then took Isabella with me to refill the toilet paper dispensers in the main bathrooms. I’d received a message from the nice Finnish lady telling me it was nearly out in both locations. We installed six new rolls so now I have a good collection of ends which are useful for cleaning one’s glasses, nose-blowing or doggy emergencies. I also went round the rubbish bins and took up the one from the bottom of the camping.

I ate my breakfast and then sat down to watch an interesting video but fell asleep. It was nearly time for my weekly call home so I got ready for that.

The afternoon was warm and sunny and I’d intended to go into Paleochora for some shopping however the will left me. I spent most of the time fiddling about on the Internet as well as cooking my beans for later. A different kind of bean this time!

The Evening Walk was beneath a dark and uninspiring sky but no rain was forecast so I felt we were safe. We were early enough to see to be able to go over the rocks and everyone came back at the end like good boys/girl. Then it was back to the camping for food and you know the rest…

My supper is cooking in the Pot but it’s going to be a little while longer. I’m sitting outside with bare feet as it’s still mild. The maximum temperature today is 22℃ and the minimum 12.9℃. The door was open during the night as well as the evening. The inside temperature was 20℃ at the back of the van.

Whilst you’re in bed tonight, the Winter Solstice will pass imperceptibly. I will be up and out as it’s at 06:19 here. Something to do with the timezones.

At least we can all sleep soundly tonight in the knowledge that there is plenty of paper in the Grammeno toilets!


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