A different dog this evening

It was a peaceful night other than the thunderstorm in the early hours around 03:00. Lots of banging and flashing but not that much water. It was all over at Walking time which was a true bonus. We were out on time although I was unenthusiastic as I’ve been building up to a cold for a couple of days. Today it has come to a head, literally, so I’m feeling a little mothy. We walked, it rained a little, we walked some more then the rain became a little more determined so I called it a morning and we went back for some tea. Good job we did as there was more thunder and lightning until around 09:00 when we finally emerged from the van. I spent the time ordering a new Raspberry Pi which should be powerful enough to act as media player for me as well as manage the wireless network for the camera. It can reside with me as it uses very little electricity and I need it physically nearby so that I can plug in the screen. I’m contemplating the possibility of getting a larger screen for the van which incorporates speakers and relegating the existing to display the CCTV cameras.

Having emerged, I wandered the camping to see that everything was functioning as anticipated only to find there was no hot water and a different error message on the new boiler. I took a photo and sent it to Georgia with a message, turned on the immersion before warning the customers. My breakfast meanwhile was cooking so I returned to eat it. There was no running due to the wetness and wind so I spent the morning in gentle contemplation. At least the Early walk had taken place and there was the possibility of an Evening Walk if the weather played ball.

The morning disappeared and I took Isabella for a spin around the Promontory as the sun was now shining and the clouds looked mostly benign. A phone call from Damian, on the camping, announced the arrival of Peter’s accessories and spares via courier. I received the bike first then the other. He’s not here so it’s not too much of a problem.

It was still warm and sunny so I sat and did little except doze off for a while. I woke just as the heating guy turned up in his van. He switched the boiler off and then on again and by Jove, it worked. I’d already done all that earlier but he seemed to have a certain skill I lack. He muttered something about diesel and seemed to ignore the error code which I displayed for him. He talks very fast and technical Greek is not my forté anyway. He went to leave but I pointed out the flat rear tyre on his van. I fetched my electric car pump and finally managed to get it to hold some air hopefully long enough for him to get to the garage for a repair. The tyre needs binning anyway as it’s down to the bars but I’ll let Manolis break that news to him.

A message from Sascha apologised for leaving without saying goodbye, wishing me Season’s Greetings and to tell me he’d finally completed his land transaction. His problems are not over as his wall is incomplete and there’s a huge pile of soil and rock which is going to require a home before he can insert his van. Georgia was asking me when he plans to leave as she wants to erect something on the spot he currently occupies.

I decided to burn off some energy by cycling into Paleochora. It was sunny but not warm also a strong southwesterly wind. I went to Petrakis for some oranges and other items then went on to see the PAWS puppies of which there are quite a few. The wind was against me on the way back so I turned up the assistance to 3/5 and got back to the camping in very good time without having to slog against the wind. Result!

A new customer appeared on the CCTV camera so I went up to welcome him. It was a quick job: a tour of the camping, photo of his ID and take his money. He went into Paleochora for some shopping. I just sat down with a cup of tea when Georgia and Maria drove into the camping. We chatted briefly, they left to go back to Martha and I walked the dogs.

They were crazy this evening and chased each other all over the place. Isabella is now on a lead like everyone else except she gets to go as soon as we arrive as does Fido. The walk was uneventful and rapid as there were clouds overhead. The rain didn’t fall until we were in the van following the doggy supper. Tonight, Isabella sat at a very respectful distance from the food preparation zone and went into her house without stress or other turmoil. Hopefully, she may have got the message however I’m not holding my breath!

My supper is ready so I’m going to eat it whilst watching an episode of Poldark. So there!

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